What is the relationship between beliefs, values ​​and better living
A very strong relationship! In fact, our beliefs and our values ​​are the foundations of our being and therefore if we really want to improve the quality of our life it is essential to ask ourselves what we believe in and what our values ​​are today. Yes today. It is indeed crucial to understand what is now in us. Our beliefs and our values ​​change with the change of our life and therefore it is necessary to recognize what is now and what has changed compared to the past.

The relationship between beliefs, values ​​and living better
But what exactly do we mean by beliefs and values
​​The convictionsthey are what you believe in, as a consequence of life experiences and transmissions in family and social groups. Each of us has empowering beliefs , which push us to move forward, fully manifest ourselves, and limiting beliefs , which limit our potential and our possibilities for action and results. It may be useful to identify one’s limiting beliefs to recognize what is blocking us and to transform that state.
What are your limiting beliefs today
What led you to believe this
For example, there are those who believe that only if you do you get or that only the results count …. see
These are beliefs as they are absolute for those who believe them and often do not allow us to see other spaces for action to be explored. Beliefs are thus the deep filter, the presupposition from which each of us starts to observe reality.
Here lies the great power of what each of us believes in: they create our reality. There is a quote from Henry Ford that says “whether you believe or not believe you will still be right”, and that’s it. It is as if each of us had a camera to observe and relate to the world by focusing only on the part we recognize, for better or for worse. It’s a bit like what television and video show us… only part of it.

Limiting Beliefs
But how do we create our limiting beliefs
When we are born we are everything. We have an open and free look at the world and at the infinite potential that exists. We then come into contact with a relational, emotional, social, cultural environment that creates an effect on us and growing the experiences of life and the way we live them leads us to conclusions that we then generalize and crystallize.
For example, if we experience one or more disappointments in friendship we can come to the conclusion that friendship does not exist and this will lead us to close ourselves, conditioning all our subsequent relationships and further strengthening that belief, even if only for the fact that we condition the result by living only that state.
Limiting beliefs are therefore linked to conditioning and far from our original purity. For this reason, to live better and better, it is fundamental to recognize them, recognize the limits they have generated in our life and return to the pure and original conviction, which allows us to live the situation in presence, openness and lightness. But how to overcome beliefs to live better

Empowering beliefs
Take, for example, the limiting belief from earlier, friendship doesn’t exist. We recognize that it is not truth, as for others it exists and we recreate the essential thought. For example, friendship exists and I know how to live it with joy and openness. Then everyone will find their essential phrase: it is important, in fact, to feel the effect it creates, the energy it releases in us, the opening towards a new state, vision and action it generates in us. As you can see, the sentence must be formulated in the positive and in the present state in the first person.

An exercise to live better
The exercise to do is the following. Take a notebook, which will be your notebook of convictions and every day mark the limiting beliefs that you have recognized in you also thanks to the situations you have experienced. Life gives us infinite opportunities to recognize and improve ourselves, if we want!
And then choose from time to time the beliefs you want to put back in place and bring back to a pure level open to infinite possibilities. Write them down and feel what the effect is on you by asking yourself: “what is the level of energy I feel from 0 to 10
?” If it reaches 8 we are there, otherwise there is easily still something to change or add in the sentence. Sometimes an adjective has to be added, sometimes a word has to be changed, sometimes there is one word too many.

Linked to our beliefs we find our values. These too determine the quality of our life. What are values ​​We often believe that values ​​represent value, the positive, what is right. Values ​​are what is important to us and change over time. Only a few core values ​​remain with us forever. They are disconnected from a sense of good or bad. Even the most dangerous offender acts according to values, his values.
Here, too, the call to action is to write which are the 5 most important values ​​for you today. And then observe them by connecting them to the life you live: they are expressed in your life
How you can live them more
They are values ​​linked to you
The relational dimension
In what context we can live them
I therefore invite you to pay more and more attention to your values ​​and beliefs in a conscious and present way and to grasp the effects that this will produce on the quality of your life. I am sure of the benefits that will unfold in you and in your life experiences.

The allies of nature to live better and deal with anxiety and worries
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