MILAN – Quentin Tarantino is one of the most talented directors of our times: his films are true icons of cinema, continuous inspiration for cinephiles, directors and more. Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Hyenas are pieces of history that are unlikely to be forgotten. Born on March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee, he began his career in the nineties with Le iene , reaching critical success, and then winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival with Pulp Fiction, a film that also earned seven 1995 Oscar nominations, winning the one for Best Original Screenplay. In front of the director “DJ”, so called for his ability to mix and orchestrate very different styles, a thriving career is expected: Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds, Django, The Hateful Eight and this year will be released in theaters C ‘ it was once in… Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino has always been a lover of the world of books : in fact at the age of fifteen he was brought home by the police because I stole Eimore Leonard’s book Surprise Exchange in a shop; his mother punished him by making him read many books. And even in his films there is no shortage of literary quotations : here are the most interesting.Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown is Tarantino’s only film explicitly based on a book : the novel in question and Rum Punch by one of the director’s favorite writers, Elmore Leonard, the same author of the book Surprise Exchange, which Quentin stole from the age of fifteen. Part of the film was set right in the mall where the director steals the book, namely the Del Amo Fashion Center. The literary artifices
In Tarantino’s films the plot does not respect the plot very often: previews and flashbacks, temporal dislocations are a distinctive trait of the director. Before Pulp Fiction, the film that makes temporal dislocation its way of proceeding in the narrative, this technique was used very rarely. Just like in books, time jumps and fragmented chronology are very frequent. A writer as an actor
In the film The hyenas (1992) Mr. Blue is played by Edward Bunker , one of the best writers of crime and noir, also because of his past as a criminal. His books about him are appreciated by Niccolo Ammaniti and James Ellroy.
via GIPHY Sylvia Plath
Still with regard to the film The Hyenas, the director would have liked the protagonist Joe Cabot to declaim poems by Sylvia Plath. However, it was not possible since the heirs of the poetess did not give up the rights. Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega, star of Pulp Fiction, played by John Travolta, reads and leafs through a copy of Peter O’Donnel’s Modesty Blaise when he goes to the bathroom. This is the comic starring a young woman trained in crime. Black Mask
It was the working title of the Pulp Fiction film. In fact, after having characterized the characters, Tarantino I think that the best way to give voice to the world of crime and describe this world was to be inspired by the pulp structure of Black Mask magazine.. The genre that dealt with this periodical was mostly that of detective stories, but also adventure stories, mysteries and love and occult stories. Siegfried and the Nibelungen Saga
In Django (2012), one of Tarantino’s latest films, Doctor Schulz, the German bounty hunter who was a dentist in the past, tells the story to the slave Django a part of the story of Siegfried and the saga of the Nibelungs . In fact, during the drafting of the film the director was influenced by Nordic mythology: the vision of the work The Ring of the Nibelung together with Christoph Waltz gave an innovative twist to the script, which was already unwittingly approaching the story of Siegfried. Agatha Cristie
The movieThe Hateful Eight (2015) is very reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s mystery structure, due to the ability to create tension around the search for the perpetrator of the murder. In particular, there are references to Christie’s most famous novel: Ten Little Indians . Just think of the context: a group of people locked in a house, a murderer among them. Little by little, there are none left alive. Quentin Tarantino himself confirms this theoryin a press conference: “Since I can’t make as many films as I want, every time I realize that in the end I make five films in one. – Tarantino began – In this case I knew I wanted to make a western, but while I was writing an Agatha Christie-like thriller was also developing, and after I edited it I realized that I had also made a horror ”.

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