At Mascotissimas we are a big fan of lists about curious characteristics of dogs. We have already talked about the most intelligent dog breeds, those that least tolerate the cold or about the Italian, Mexican dog breeds, etc.
Today it is the turn of the list of the best Japanese dog breeds . Some of them may be considered as “Potentially Dangerous Dog” in your country, for that reason it is important to take it into account since a “PPP” dog must have a series of permits and insurance different from the rest.
Luckily, in Spain the Animal Welfare Law is going to change, and in said law they intend to modify that some breeds of dogs are considered “potentially dangerous” for the simple fact of coming from a certain breed. In this modification, each copy will be valued.

List of the best Japanese dog breeds

Akita Inu

It is also one of the oldest breeds in the world. In Japan it is a symbol of good luck and has been the object of veneration for generations; even today it remains a symbol of nobility. Their ancestors were used for bear hunting and later for dog fighting.
They say that he is very little barkerMoreover, it is said that if an Akita barks it is because there really is an important reason to do so. Even so, today it is one of the “Potentially Dangerous” dogs in Spain.

Shiba Inu

Among other characteristics, it is also probably one of the most similar breeds to foxes. Shiba inu is a Japanese breed considered one of the oldest in the world and physically exhibits a compact, robust and resistant body, capable of withstanding great challenges in nature.

Its ears are erect, the fur is thick and the tail has a curled shape.. The color varies between various shades of reddish fire, white, cream and sesame, making it resemble a fox. His instinct is independent and stealthy, but also very protective and close with respect to the family circle. This is another of the “PPP” breeds in Spain.

Tosa Inu

This Japanese dog is one of those with one of the strongest bites in the world.In addition, it is also one of the favorite breeds for lovers of large dogs around the world. They are very honest, dignified and loyal. He is often portrayed as a menacing wild dog due to his dark history. Many countries, including Australia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Malaysia, have currently banned the ownership of the breed.aware that it is one of the dogs with the strongest bite.

Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is a canine breed of the spitz type, originally from Japan. The breed is recognized by the vast majority of major kennel clubs , except the American Kennel Club, due to its similar appearance to the Pomeranian, American Eskimo Dog, and Samoyed.

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