At Mascotissimas we are a big fan of lists about curious characteristics of dogs. We have talked to you about the most intelligent dog breeds, those that least tolerate the cold or about the Italian, Mexican dog breeds, etc.
In these lists we have talked about dozens of different breeds, and curiously, some of them are among the oldest in the world. For this reason, today we want to talk about the oldest breeds of all and their origin.

Oldest breeds of dogs in the world

As it tells Very interesting, a factor that also largely determines the evolution of breeds is their degree of domestication throughout history.According to a 2016 study led by the University of Oxford and published in the journal Science, dogs would have been domesticated on both sides of the world, but, later, those from eastern areas would have migrated with their peoples (mostly nomads) to settle down and mingle with Europeans. This is how the races that would have evolved into the ones we know today would have been formed. This would explain why even today the domestication of dogs and the different breeds

remains a mystery. The dogs would have been domesticated independently and evolution would have run its course.
What is true is that even today there are many races that are still wrapped in legends and myths, more than in historical data. And it is practically impossible to know for sure the date from which a certain breed dates, firstly, due to the inaccuracy that often surrounds the study of animals, and secondly, because breeds evolve organically. , over time, without clear divisions.
The races that we are going to present below are the ones that have lost the fewest characteristics since their wild past.


The “xoloitzcuintle” is one of the rarest breeds that exist. It is also one of the oldest, reaching 3000 years of history. It is also known as the Mexican dog or Aztec dog and was a hunting dog for the natives of Central and South America.
For the first settlers this animal was almost like a god and even healing powers were attributed to it. Although it also has a dark past. From god it also became an offering , and the ancient inhabitants of Mexico offered this animal as a sacrifice to calm the fury of the gods.
It is one of the few breeds that do not have hair , so they attract special attention. They also have a very good character.


This breed is very peculiarfor different reasons. It is in the ranking of the dogs that bark the least, in fact they have the unique characteristic of not barking , and instead they emit a curious sound in the style of Tyrolean singing. This means that it is a very special breed within the animal world. They are also considered the oldest dogs in the world, thus associating themselves with their resistance and physical strength. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 14 years and if they eat well and exercise, they rarely get sick.However, among the frequent diseases of this breed, we find kidney problems (especially the so-called Falconi Syndrome), and progressive retinal atrophy.

This dog comes from Russia, specifically from the environment of the tsars, who used it as a hunting companion in these regions.Little by little, the breed was almost extinct, although it managed to survive and reach Europe and the USA. It appears to be descended from crosses of dogs from Central Asia .

Afghan Hound

It is one of the oldest dogs in the world and it is also one of the most elegant . Her hair (long and soft) needs extreme attention to maintain its shine and softness. In addition, his imposing physique and his way of walking make him one of the most elegant dogs in the world.
As its name suggests, it is a breed native to Afghanistan.. His personality is cheerful but at the same time independent. In fact, some compare it to the personality of a cat.

Akita inu

In Japan it is a symbol of good luck and has been the object of veneration for generations; even today it remains a symbol of nobility. Their ancestors were used for bear hunting and later for dog fighting.
They say that he is very little barker , moreover, it is said that if an Akita barks it is because there really is an important reason to do so.

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