There is a very popular belief in relation to dogs about the equivalence of the years of life with respect to humans. It has always been said that one year of human life is equivalent to seven years in a dog , but is it true

Obviously , there are many factors that influence the age of a dog, whether due to its size, diet or even diseases that it can suffer from . The breed is essential to know what life expectancy you can have.
There are many studies that claim that large breed dogs live less than small breed dogs.When large dogs are puppies they have a very fast metabolism and consume a lot of energy, resulting in a series of long-term cell damage that shortens the life of these animals.
This is a reality that we are going to confirm with our following list.

List of dogs with the shortest life expectancy

Great Dane : Also known as the German Bulldog. This is one of the largest breeds in the world . They are delicate, loving and gentle dogs. Their life expectancy is approximately 8 years . Males can reach 81 cm in height and weigh between 45 and 59 kg, while females can measure 76 cm and weigh between 45 and 59 kg.
Saint Bernard: This is another of the largest breeds in the world, not so much because of its height but because of its great volume. It is a fantastic dog to have as a pet because it has a very calm character but needs activity to avoid generating stress. His life expectancy is about 8 years and special care must be taken with his diet and physical activity , since a sedentary life could lead to overweight problems. It is also a dog that has a very strong odor, so special attention must be paid to its hygiene.
Rottweiler : Like the two previous breeds, the life expectancy of this breed is around 8 years. The rottweiler is a dog with a calm, confident and brave character, perfect for protecting the house due to its size and fidelity. He is a great companion for the family but being considered a ” Potentially Dangerous Dog ” all papers must be in order to own him. In addition, it is essential to train it to guarantee that there will be no problem when it comes to living and interacting with other people and other dogs.

-Irish Wolfhound: It is one of the largest breeds in the world along with the Great Dane, in fact it is considered the largest medium height dog of all . The adult male reaches an average size of between 81 and 86 cm at the withers. He lives between 6 and 9 yearsand they are very docile, calm and friendly dogs, maintaining a very close relationship with their owners.

-Newfoundland : Their average life expectancy is between 8 and 10 years. They have a calm and loyal character, but great strength, making them perfect as a guard dog . Due to its long coat, it needs at least one brushing per day.

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