A few weeks ago at Mascotissimas we wanted to show you a list of dog breeds that had less life expectancy and, as expected, the list was headed by large or giant dogs. As we already mentioned in this article about the dogs that lived the least, there are many factors that influence the age of a dog, whether due to its size, diet or even diseases that it can suffer from. The race is important to know what life expectancy it can have, although each specimen can break the schemes and live more or less than its race.
There are many studies that claim that small breed dogs live longer than large breed dogs.There is also a popular belief that mongrel dogs tend to live longer and have fewer health problems. This, in many cases, is completely true and the reason is that they have not been genetically created to meet a series of needs as they do with purebred dogs, but because they are a mixture of several breeds they enjoy better health. .
To see if these studies are true, let’s check it out through this list.

List of dogs with the longest life expectancy

Chihuahua : This breed has become one of the most popular in our lists. It is one of the smallest dogs in the world, it is also considered one of the best companies for people who live alone and it is also one of the longest-lived dog breeds.Their life expectancy is usually between 15 and 18 years , although some live up to 20 years.
Shiba inu : This Japanese dog exhibits a compact, robust and resistant body, capable of withstanding great challenges in nature. The dog associations did not reach an agreement on the longevity of the shiba inu. While some experts point to a life expectancy of 15 years , others claim that these dogs can live up to 18 years . In fact, one of the longest-living dogs in the world was a Shiba Inu cross that lived almost 27 years.
-Lagotto romagnolo: According to Animal Expert, this medium-sized Italian water dog with woolly furusually lives between 14 and 17 years.. They are strong and resistant dogs that, when they receive adequate preventive medicine and live in a positive environment, rarely get sick and show great enthusiasm in their day to day.
-Border Collie: This breed leads several lists of Mascotissimas, such as “the most active breeds there are” or “dogs with fewer health problems”. They are very intelligent dogs that show a great capacity for learning and skill, in addition to standing out for their great predisposition for physical exercise, which helps their life expectancy to be between 14 and 17 years.
Dachshund, dachshund or sausage dog : This breed is very popular because they are small, playful and sociable dogs. They can live between 13 and 17 years, as long as they receive the appropriate care to promote their health and well-being. Despite their remarkable life expectancy, dachshunds can suffer spinal cord injuries and intervertebral disc damage quite often.
Toy poodle : Also known as toy or mini poodle, it is one of the longest-lived dogs and also one of the most popular miniature breeds in the world. They usually live approximately 15 years, but many individuals reach 17 or 18 years and usually maintain optimal health.

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