Summer has arrived and we hope that many of you have already had the opportunity to take a good dip . It does not matter whether it is in a pool or on a beach, but what is clear is that water gives life. If you add your furry friend to that pleasant moment, surely the moment is even more perfect.
As we have already told you in this article, there are many dogs that do not enjoy baths that combine soap and water at all, but however, there are many fewer that hate jumping into the pool or running into the sea to get a good damage between the waves. In fact, some breeds have been created to function in an aquatic environment and even have an interdigital membrane on their legs that facilitates the task of swimming .
At Mascotissimas we know that there are breeds that are more prepared to enjoy the water and are very good swimmers, while others are not, and that is why today we bring you a new list that we want to share with you.

Breeds of dogs that most like water

1. Water dog

As its name suggests, water dogs are made to be happy in the water . Within the “water dogs” we find the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French, although there are certain differences between them, they all have a curly coat (similar to dreadlocks), they are agile, medium-sized and athletic . If they see the sea or a pool, it is very likely that they will run to take a dip.

2. Newfoundland

Even thoughIt is a huge breed with abundant hair and a priori you may think that it is likely that they are not good swimmers and they are overwhelmed by water, the truth is that many specialists place them as one of the breeds that love water the most. They are capable of swimming for several kilometers and in the past they helped fishermen by dragging nets with their great strength.
But what really makes them good swimmers are their webbed feet that act as fins and make it easier for them to move in the water , and also their fur acts as a waterproof protecting it from very cold waters.

3. Labrador and Golden Retriever
The Labrador is one of the favorite breeds of the Spanish. They are ideal for living with the family and they are very affectionate dogs and, if you take care of their diet and make sure they play sports, they will be athletic dogs. The same happens with the Golden Retriever breed, very similar to the Labrador retriever but with a longer coat.

These dog breeds love the water and are capable of swimming great distances, staying afloat with ease . Its tail is similar to that of the otters that they use as a rudder to guide a course while they swim, making it ideal for managing between waters.

4. English or Irish Setter

These dogs, together with other breeds such as pointers or podencos, are very agile and have ideal hair to enter the water and that does not involve a “dead weight”.They usually take advantage of any occasion to take a dip.Their long legs allow them to be quite fast in the water, so they are also great allies in rescue situations.

5. Cocker Spaniel

This small breed has a great predilection for water, so they wo n’t hesitate to jump on the beach with you . They are affectionate, playful, sociable and intelligent dogs that enjoy a good dip in the sea or in the pool. Of course, remember that they are small dogs that could drown, so you have to be aware of them.

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