Surely many of you already have summer vacations in your minds and one of the most popular destinations is on your mind: ” the north of Spain “. And it is that since the pandemic began and trips abroad were cancelled, we have been able to enjoy our country more and discover corners that previously went unnoticed.
And when we talk about the north, it is inevitable to think of communities such as Cantabria or Asturias, a highly sought-after destination both for going to a hotel or for a road trip in a caravan . And with whom better to enjoy these natural paradises than your dog
Today, at Mascotissimas, we want to show you a list of the beaches you could go to in Cantabria with your pet, according to Red Canina.

Beaches for dogs in Cantabria

Playa Canina La Maza, San Vicente de la Barquera : Since 2016 it has been authorized to go with a dog and is considered one of the best in the Cantabrian community. Its occupation is low and the ground is of fine golden sand. It has a water fountain for dogs and its waters are calm.
Playa la Riberuca, Suances : It is one of the most criticized beaches by its users since they say it is muddy and not sandy and can be somewhat uncomfortable. The same happens with other beaches that we are going to show you below.
Arcisero Beach, Castro Urdiales : TheArcisero beach for dogs in Castro Urdiales is located east of the city according to Red Canina, on the way to the port of La Granja, in a valley between Cerredo and Pena Helguera. It is a natural beach of great scenic beauty made up of stone and sand, ideal to enjoy with your pet. It has moderate-high waves, so you must keep an eye on your pet at all times.
Muelle de Orinon, Castro Urdiales : It is a small cove where fishermen take the opportunity to leave their boats. Dogs can walk freely and without a leash throughout the year. Be careful, it is not Playa Orinon (dogs are prohibited from accessing this beach in summer), but the one at Muelle Orinon.
Cala Loading Miono, Castro Urdiales: It is a small cove is made up of gravel and boulders, and with little waves, and animals are allowed throughout the year.
Playa El Puntal, Somo : it is an extensive beach and sand bar that closes the entrance to the bay of Santander on its south side. It is located in the municipality of Ribamontan al Mar
Arenal del Jortin, Bezana: It is a small cove of about 100 meters of sand located next to the beach of San Juan de la Canal, in Soto de la Marina. It is located between small cliffs and rocks. Its sand is golden and fine, and the waves are moderate. Since 2016, the city council of Santa Cruz de Bezana approved its new ordinances that include the access of people with their dogs to the Jortin sandbank, in Soto de la Marina, while in the sandbanks of San Juan de la Canal and Covachos will be prohibited between the months of May and September.
Helgueras Beach, Noja: A part of the beach is enabled for dogs, specifically the last 400 meters from the rescue tower to the end of the beach with Monte Brusco. It has fine sand and large rocks. To access the dog area you must walk a section (about 5 minutes on foot) from the car park, or enter a stone path (which is not recommended) if you want to go by car.

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