We all have towels in the house that are no longer as soft and silky as when we bought them. Over time and with frequent washing it can happen that towels and bathrobes lose their softness, thus becoming rough and stiff to the touch. Yet a few simple tricks are enough to restore softness to towels, despite repeated daily use. White vinegar, an ally in the laundry
Don’t be fooled by the acrid and pungent smell: white wine vinegar is a real cure-all for natural fibers and leaves no trace of itself after washing. To have towels that are soft and pleasant to the touch , simply replace the fabric softener in the washing machine.
Vinegar has disinfectant properties – there are those who also add a few drops of lemon – which will ensure greater hygiene for bathroom linen and greater cleanliness. The white vinegar also has the ability not to leave that patina on the fibers that you may perceive after using the softener and in this way does not limit its absorbency. Hand washing with bicarbonate is
a long process, but gives amazing results: to restore softness to your towels, just fill a basin with warm water and a spoonful of bicarbonate , proceeding with hand washing of the towels. Leave to soak overnight, then squeeze and spread out in the open air.
Baking soda can be a valid substitute for fabric softener, just like vinegar: in addition to having whitening properties, it also makes older towels brighter. You can put 4-5 tablespoons in the washing machine tray: the advice is to use it only in the case of white or light-colored towels because, in the long run, it could make you lose the brilliance of more intense colors. Chamomile, a softness booster
Even chamomile can give you a hand in obtaining silkier wipes: after washing them, soak them for a few minutes in a bowl with water previously brought to a boil with the classic sachets that you find in every supermarket. Once wrung out, the towels should be spread out in the shade. How to dry towels
A trick to have soft towels is to let them dry properly: before spreading them it is better to shake them well, to make the fibers swell. It is better not to iron the towels, which could become less soft with the heat of the iron, but to always hang them out in the open air and in the shade , because the direct rays of the sun would dry the fibers, making the sponge even more rough. Other precautions
To have soft towels we can only give you these last tips: avoid using too much detergent and softener, because there is a risk that these products will deposit themselves in the fibers in the long run, limiting their absorbency and thus making them less soft.
The same goes fora washing machine that is too full: the wipes, but in general all the garments, will not be able to clean themselves at their best without the right space to “move”.
Obviously, the quality of the towels will also affect the long-term results: it is better to invest more in good quality products, which will maintain higher quality standards over time.

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