Tips and curiosities for our 4-legged friends. Every week an episode dedicated entirely to the care of our furry loved ones
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  • Pets Dogs: mating and pregnancy
    Dogs and cats have particular mating and gestation methods; therefore, it is necessary to be prepared, also and above all to ensure a happy and serene sex life for your four legs
  • Pets Education through positive reinforcement
    It is one of the most used methods by educators to teach four-legged pets specific behaviors
  • Pets The attention of the dog towards the owner
    All dogs can be reached satisfactory levels of education, teaching at least the basic commands, useful for everyday life
  • Pets Seasonal prophylaxis in cats
    Protecting your cat from internal and external parasites is one of the main elements of Preventive Medicine
  • Pets Socialization with dogs and people
    The puppy must learn to consider as normal everything that is part of society, that is people, dogs like him, dogs of other breeds, children and inanimate objects
  • Pets The puppy’s first walk on a leash
    With the first outings the first difficulties may arise and the dog may show discomfort in walking on a leash. But it’s normal
  • Pets The importance of dog and cat dental hygiene
    75% of the dogs and cats living in our homes suffer from dental diseases. Here’s how to avoid problems
  • Pets Seasonal prophylaxis in dogs
    Taking care of your dog also means preserving it from the most aggressive diseases. The vet tells us how to act.
  • Pets Space in the house and dependence on the owner
    To ensure that your four-legged friend does not become the domineering master of the house, it is necessary to manage the space in the house and in the garden right away.
  • Pets The importance of play for dogs
    Play for dogs is much more than just a playful exercise. It is in fact a way to learn and also a tool to educate
  • Pets The baby food: wet, kibble, housewife, Barf
    Dry or semi-moist kibble, fresh food prepared at home or raw organic food (Barf): the differences. Veterinary advice.
  • Pets Daily care: hygiene and grooming
    Dogs and cats are clean animals, which every day devote time to keep their coat tidy. However, the cleaning they manage on their own is not enough.
  • Pets Dogs and food: resource management
    The precautions to have, the mistakes not to make and the tricks to be put in place to set up a balanced relationship with your new friend.
  • Pets How to communicate with your dog
    How to communicate effectively with your dog, the extra-verbal language to adopt and what to avoid.
  • Pets Vaccinating a cat: what you need to know
    How and when to vaccinate your cat, the infections to protect it from, the precautions to be taken
  • Pets The correct vaccination program for the dog
    Vaccinating the dog is an act of love towards him and of responsibility towards ourselves
  • Pets Microchip, passport and other documents for pets
    Everything you need to do to travel safely with your little furry friends
  • Pets Welcome the new dog in the best possible way
    In this episode we will give you all the advice you need to live the first moments of life together with enthusiasm, without fears or anxieties about performance.
  • Pets A puppy arrives: what you need, how to prepare the house
    The newcomer will have to become familiar with the new spaces and there must be no dangerous objects and plants around.
  • Pets The choice of the ideal life partner
    Welcome to the first date of our special Like dogs and cats. With this podcast the veterinary Sabrina will help us choose our ideal four-legged friend.

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