Pimples haunt us, more often at a young age but, trust me, they won’t spare you even as an adult. Hormones, wrong diet, inflammation or wrong products: the reasons for their appearance are really many and, for this reason, it is also good to understand that not all skin with pimples is to be defined (and treated) as oily and acneic. So how to say goodbye to them definitively Here are our tips, on what to do and what to avoid without forgetting the right skincare and green remedies .
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  • What to do
  • What not to do
  • Natural remedies
  • You can make them disappear in a day
  • Cosmetic remedies to try

What to do
One thing is always good to remember: getting rid of pimples is not easy . It takes time, patience (which sometimes we don’t have) and a great desire to understand and understand why the skin is reacting in a certain way. So here’s what to do to get rid of pimples:

  • Determine the cause: it is the most difficult thing, but also the first step to find the right path to eliminate pimples. One thing to do especially if these impurities are continuous and possibly localized. The first step is, of course, to consult a specialist (such as a dermatologist) and then evaluate other avenues or treatments.
  • Evaluating the products used for skincare: too fat
    Too cleansing
    Both reasons can cause the onset of pimples. For this reason, for example, it is good to change or modify the face routine in conjunction with the change of season or other lifestyle changes or pollution.
  • ALWAYS remove make-up: trivial, perhaps. But it is certainly the first cause of impurities on the face. Eliminate all traces of make-up, preferably with double cleansing, and follow a good skincare routine.
  • Attention to cleanliness: smartphones, pillowcases and more. Anything that rests on the face, for a few or many hours, is a carrier of bacteria. For this reason it is good to clean the smartphone often and change the pillow even twice a week, preferring the silk one which is a natural antibacterial.
  • Varied diet : Fill up on vitamins and try to have a complete and varied diet in order to give your body everything it needs.

What not to do
If understanding what to do to get rid of pimples may seem difficult, perhaps it is even more difficult to understand what not to do. Too often, taken by the urge to eliminate or reduce pimples, we risk worsening the situation by increasing them or inflaming the area in question even more. This is why it is good to keep in mind what you absolutely must not do :

  • Using treatments that are too aggressive: Excessive scrubs or continuous and poorly balanced chemical exfoliation could have the opposite effect, causing pimples to increase. This is a defense mechanism on the part of the skin that completely loses its lipid state and therefore tries to protect itself.
  • Touching the pimples: Trivial, but the best thing is to let the inflammation take its course. Also, squeezing pimples could spread bacteria all over your face, causing new blemishes to appear.
  • Aggressive home treatments : lemon, toothpaste or similar prohibited. All this could dry out the surrounding area making it worse.
  • Overdo it with: pasta, pizza and sweets. In fact, the yeasts and sugars contained could increase the risk of pimples all over the face.

Natural remedies Natural remedies
to eliminate pimples must be used with caution and, above all, without ever exaggerating. Among the various options it is good to consider:

  • Tea tree oil : available in herbal medicine, it must be applied very carefully (preferably with a cotton swab) only and only on the pimple. If it comes into contact with “healthy” skin it could dry out and make it hypersensitive.
  • Aloe vera : healing and purifying, the extract of this plant can be applied on pimples without fear. Excellent fresh and pleasant to apply gel format.
  • Green clay : its purifying properties allow you to create a small pack by mixing it with warm water and lavender oil.
  • Spirulina : a blue / green algae that can be used as a mask or taken orally. Contains all eight amino acids considered valid allies in the fight against pimples.
  • Zinc : Supplementing 30 mg per day is believed to help keep skin healthy.
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids : present in nuts and fish. They can stimulate the formation of anti-inflammatory substances in the body.
  • Tea tree or lavender oil: Natural antiseptic oils that can be dabbed on affected areas.

You can make them disappear in a day . Prevention is better than cure, you know that. But if by now the pimple is there and the appointment you have been waiting for a long time and around the corner you can try to speed up the timing . First of all try with sticks and gels specially designed to work on individual impurities while, in the most extreme cases, you can try with squeezing. Wash your hands thoroughly and cover them with tissue so you don’t spread bacteria. Eliminate the infection and, to relieve everything, place a wad soaked in hot water to eliminate the inflammation. Do not forget to cover everything with a good cream and, if necessary, use correctors to correct the red inflammation. Cosmetic remedies to try
On the market today, there are many cosmetic products that can be used to eliminate pimples. The active ingredients contained within them, in fact, allow to purify, sanitize and eliminate the bacteria that cause the pore occlusion and, consequently, the pimple. A few examples:

  • Salicylic acid : naturally occurring in many plants, thanks to its bacteriostatic and soothing properties, it attenuates the infection and speeds up healing times.
  • Hydrocolloid : small patches to be applied on the single pimple that reduce redness and inflammation, as well as being a useful barrier to avoid continually touching the offending area.

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