There is not a week in which an item from the German supermarket company Lidl does not make it onto the list of best-selling products in Spain. This time it is a high pressure cleaner that is delighting the majority of the population both for its price and the quality of its finish.
It is a high pressure cleaner with a power of 2400 W and a powerful long-lasting aluminum high pressure pump , which also offers high resistance to corrosion.

Ideal for vehicles, terraces and facades
If this high-pressure cleaner is characterized by something, it is its great use outdoors. Vehicles, terraces and facades are its speciality, although since it works plugged into the electrical network, we must measure the distances to the network well.
The high pressure cleaner has an automatic start and stop system, which provides low consumption because the motor only works when the gun handle is pressed. In addition, it can also be used independently of the water supply thanks to the built-in integrated water suction function.
It has a Quick-Connect connection system that provides an easy way to change accessories, in addition, it has a light housingthat gives it great mobility together with the extendable handle and large wheels. Another of the characteristics of the Lidl high-pressure cleaner is that it has a robust shock-proof plastic casing and the handle of its gun is ergonomic, through which the pressure is regulated and it has a locking mechanism. child safety.
It has a high pressure hose of up to 10 meters in length, which has a system called Anti-Twist to prevent twisting. This hose can be connected to the usual garden hoses thanks to its hose adapter. It also includes the integrated drum for the hose, as well as the support for the cable and its accessories.
The connection power of this cleaner is in the2400 W with a maximum flow of 500 l/h. The working pressure reaches a maximum of 11.5 MPa with a maximum pressure of 17 MPa.
Lidl’s high-pressure cleaner is now on sale exclusively online at a price of 99.99 euros, shipping costs not included, and includes: 1 pistol grip, 1 lance, 1 pressure nozzle variable, 1 milling effect turbo nozzle, 1 rotating cleaning brush with articulation, 1 needle for cleaning the nozzles, 1 water connector with filter accessory, 1 quick connector for a hose adapter, 10 m high pressure hose, 1 bottle with liquid cleaner (500 ml).

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