She is one of our favorite journalists and has become quite a style muse. Isabel Jimenez , who combines her journalistic career with the world of fashion, has one of the most envied skins and now we understand why. In addition to betting on natural cosmetics and betting on the great allies against facial aging (such as the highly acclaimed coenzyme Q10), Isabel Jimenez is clear that one of the most harmful factors for the skin is the terrible blue light.If now more than ever we are following all the advice to keep pimples at bay (and we are succeeding), now it is time to face a new obstacle to have a smooth, luminous and young skin .
The blue light, which is not only faced by Isabel Jimenez, is one of the main causes of that bad face with which we face our day to day. Although now Lidl has just launched a new anti-aging face cream that has conquered Isabel Jimenez because it mitigates the effects of blue light. It is part of Lidl’s CIEN Blue Light line, which is made up of various products, all priced at less than 4 euros.
“These effective, fast and easy-to-apply solutions make it much easier to take care of yourself and are perfectly adapted to a modern lifestyle. Every day we expose ourselves more to the light of screens and it is essential that we start taking care of its effects. Lidl has created a line of super accessible blue light thatallows you to take care of yourself without having to invest a lot of time or a large budget “, explains Isabel Jimenez.
Lidl continues to be at the forefront of innovation with the launch of its first cosmetic line to combat the effects of blue light or HEV light (High Energy Visible) in skin. CIEN Blue Light is the first consumer cosmetic line that combats the effects of radiation emitted by the screens of electronic devices . This new line consists of 6 items: eye contour, facial ampoules, facial cream, neck and neckline, cleansing foam and concentrated serum, all priced at less than 4 euros and up to ten times cheaper than the few -and premium- alternatives currently available on the market.
This new release responds to a new consumer need . With the new normality, the use of screens is becoming more widespread and there is a contamination that has not stopped increasing, that of screens or Screen Pollution. According to data from a study by the leading company in the optical sector in Spain, 86% of Spaniards claim to make greater use of devices with screens since confinement .

Lidl’s new line to combat the effects of blue light

Lidl has developed a new blue light line combining the latest trends in cosmetics. All products are vegan, unisex, free of microplastics and of national production. This new launch has 6 products; eye contour, facial ampoules, facial cream, neck and decollete cream, cleansing foam and concentrated serum, all priced at less than 4 euros .
CIEN Blue Light has assets such as energinius, a raw material of plant origin that restores the vitality of the skin and fights against digital pollution; gatuline age defense, a dynamic active ingredient with great properties that prevents oxidative stress and is a great skin stimulator, and hyaluronic acid, a well-known component in cosmetics for its moisturizing action.
The company continues with the objective of developingAffordable trend products for all kinds of pockets . So much so that this new line has a price up to 10 times lower than that of the few alternatives currently available on the market.

Effects of blue light on the skin that Lidl wants to combat

The CIEN Blue Light cosmetic line arrives to respond to a new consumer need: minimize the harmful effects of screens on the skin . “Blue radiation is the main cause of oxidative stress on the skin: exposing ourselves to this radiation for 8 hours has the same impact as 20 minutes of direct exposure to the sun at noon. The effects of this exposure can be even more damaging than that of the UVB and UVA rays together and cause aging,loss of elasticity and firmness and the appearance of wrinkles and spots on the skin “, explains Dr. Paula Landi, an expert in aesthetic medicine.
Currently, the consumption of mobile devices and screens has skyrocketed, and yet the supply of these products It is scarce and with very high prices.Lidl, fulfilling its main objective of responding to the needs of its customers, presents the first line of blue light cosmetics at competitive prices on the market.The

new line of cosmetics from Lidl, free of microplastics and vegan

All the products of the new CIEN Blue Light line have a formula free of microplastics., in line with Lidl’s objective of eliminating throughout this year all microplastics from the more than 250 cleaning, detergency and cosmetic products that it markets under its own brands such as CIEN, W5 or Formil.
A pioneering measure within its sector that once again demonstrates Lidl’s commitment to the environment. Today, 80% of its own-brand assortment from these families is already free of microplastics. In this way, with the help of its suppliers, the company is reformulating these items , opting for more environmentally friendly alternatives such as pumice stone particles (perlite) in exfoliating shower gels or bamboo particles.(Bambusa Arundinacea stem extract) in its exfoliating soaps for the face, without this implying a detriment to the quality of the product. Likewise, it is identifying its containers with the Formula seal without microplastics to inform its customers.
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