The arrival of spring is synonymous with rising temperatures and good weather and, with it, the arrival of different insects, including mosquitoes. At Lidl they are very aware of the need to protect our homes from the appearance of insects, which is why they already have a wide range of products available to their customers focused on eradicating or avoiding any type of pest.Most products can be found both in their supermarket centers and online.

Anti- mosquito LED socket

This device is one of the star products of the new catalog of the Teutonic brand. It is an anti-mosquito LED plug that, being equipped with a protective grid, can be used in any environment or environment, since both people and pets will be protected. Its blue UVA light attracts mosquitoes to your electrical grid, eliminating them.
It has a duration of approximately 20,000 hours of operation and has a darkness sensor and an on/off switch.
It is now available on the official Lidl website at a price of 5.99 euros , shipping costs not included.

Insect killer lamp 4.7 W

If we want something more resistant and effective in the fight against mosquitoes, this lamp also includes all kinds of insects. Protects both day and night thanks to its 4.7 W of power.It has a completely insulated casing with a protection grid and is respectful of the environment, since it is not composed of chemical substances.
It also has a practical ring to hang it and its operation is done plugged into the wall, for which it has a cable of approximately 1.5 meters in length.
It is now available on the official Lidl website at a price of 9.99 euros, shipping costs not included, and in all Lidl supermarkets.

Aluminum extensible mosquito net for window 120 x 140 cm

Available in two colours, this extensible mosquito net has an adjustable size to measure and is a natural protection against insectsin order to keep the window open. It is made up of an anthracite fiberglass fabric that facilitates an optimal view of the outside.
In the same way, with a minimum gap of 12 mm, it can also be installed between the window and the shutter. In addition, its installation is facilitated thanks to the spring-loaded brackets and all the mounting material is included.
These mosquito nets are endowed with great resistance thanks to their construction in weather-resistant materials, such as their resistant powder-coated aluminum frame. It is also UV resistant, allowing both air and light to pass through.
It is now available on the official Lidl website at a price of 24.99 euros, Shipping costs not included.

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