Lidl and Sevillian chef Pepa Munoz have teamed up to launch their new Origin and Tradition gazpacho , the only one made with pink tomato and whose recipe incorporates the best ingredients of national origin. With it, Lidl recovers a very old tomato variety that is practically in disuse in large distribution, due to its large size, weight and uneven appearance; but of great flavor and gastronomic value.
This is the first launch of its new brand Origin and Tradition, with which the company reinforces its commitment to offer a select assortment of flagship products of Spanish gastronomy, of the highest quality at the best price. Lidl plans to unveil new launches under its new brand soon.
Gazpacho is one of the most representative dishes of Spanish cuisine and, furthermore, it is a typical summer recipe, which is why it has been chosen by Lidl as the first recipe of its new brand. According to the latest report by Alimarket, in Spain we consume more than 68 million liters of packaged gazpacho each year and half of gazpacho sales occur in the June-August period. In addition, it is a market in constant growth, since last year its consumption increased by 13%, and in which Lidl is in second position as a competitor, allocating part of the volume to export in some thirty countries of the group. and in its more than 11,200 stores .

Recovering one of the oldest tomato varieties by Pepa Munoz
For this first launch, Lidl wanted to have the person who knows the most about tomatoes in Spain: Pepa Munoz, a prestigious Sevillian chef popularly known as ‘the Tomato Chef’ and awarded a Sol Repsol . She is the owner and chef of the El Quenco de Pepa restaurant (Madrid), which has become one of the benchmark establishments in Madrid.
Pepa Munoz’s kitchen stands out for offering traditional cuisine, based on quality and respect for raw materials: she grows her own vegetables and tomatoes, which are already the most famous in our country due to their large size, unique appearance and flavor . To do this, Pepa Munoz has worked countless hours in her garden, until she managed to recover seedbeds from more than 50 years ago.
She has been responsible for preparing the recipe for Lidl’s new gazpacho, which is now available in the company’s more than 600 stores in Spain at a price of 3.29 euros. A launch that has involved more than a year of work, searching for the perfect recipe. To do this, Pepa Munoz has chosen the best ingredients of national origin: pink tomato, Lamuyo peppers from Almeria, garlic from Las Pedroneras, spring onion and extra virgin olive oil Picual from Andalusia.
In this way, Lidl and Pepa Munoz contribute to the recovery of a variety of pink tomato, which is practically in disusein the great Spanish distribution for its weight and appearance. In fact, this variety was on the verge of disappearing approximately 10 years ago, due to planting difficulties and its low output on the large distribution market compared to others such as the pear tomato or heart tomato, with a longer ripening period. short, a smaller size and a more uniform appearance.
“Gazpacho is one of my favorite dishes, and it is without a doubt one of the most emblematic dishes of our gastronomy. For this reason, it has been an honor for me to be able to take advantage of my knowledge and love for the product to launch this gazpacho, which from today It will be in thousands of Spanish homes. Behind this project there is a lot of effort and enthusiasm and many months of joint work with Lidl. We have selected one by oneingredients from Spain of the highest quality, betting on a variety of tomato that I love, and that unfortunately is hardly found in large distribution”, explains Pepa Munoz.
“We are very excited about this launch. Pepa Munoz is the person with the most authority in Spain to talk about tomatoes and their use in the kitchen, and we have achieved a unique recipe that collects the best ingredients of our land. At Lidl we continue to work to expand our range of products from Spain, and now we are going one step further with our new brand Origin and Tradition. Soon we will be able to unveil new and innovative launches, which also respond to our commitment to make a difference and offer the best to our consumer”, explains Arantxa Conde ., director of public relations at Lidl Spain.

A launch that is also sustainable

In addition to the commitment to offer the best quality products from Spain at the best price, the new Origin and Tradition gazpacho from Lidl and Pepa Munoz also responds to the company’s and the chef’s commitment to sustainability . Not only for the fact of using products of national origin from small suppliers, but also for its bottle: it is made with 100% recycled plastic and is easily recyclable, as indicated by its distinctive seal.

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