There is less than a month left for summer
to officially start and the hot days keep coming. More hours of daylight throughout the day and more desire to fight sweat and high temperatures with this season’s star product: ice cream . And what better way to do it than by preparing your own homemade cocktails with the Lidl electric refrigerator, which is back on sale for another year at a very affordable price: just 17.99 euros .
Lidl’s electric ice cream maker has a power of 12 W and the capacity to prepare up to 1 liter of ice cream or sorbet in a record time of just 40 minutes .. It works plugged into the electrical network with removable whisk and non-slip feet, rotary switch on / off and removable motor with rotation to the right and left.
With a modern and sophisticated design , the Lidl electric ice cream maker can be found in two colors: pink and green and its size is large enough to be able to prepare substantial shakes and ice creams and manageable enough (barely 2.4 kg in weight) to be able to maneuver without difficulty when serving the final content, both children and adults (20.3 cm long x 23 cm wide x 24.1 cm deep).
It is a more basic version than the one that arrived a few weeks ago, but with a much more affordable price and the necessary functions to make homemade ice cream.
This electric refrigerator has the SilverCrest seal , the white brand of household appliances of the German chain. It consists of the container in which the preparation is carried out, a plastic casing in which it is inserted, and a beater arm that is placed on top.

How to prepare ice cream with the Lidl electric ice cream maker

To make your ice cream or sorbet, you first have to cool the container in the freezer, then place it in the casing and put on the lid, and then add the ice cream preparationthrough the opening.
Next, start the ice cream maker so that the beater arm does its job. The motor has rotation to the right and left to guarantee the best results. Then, wait about 40 minutes until the preparation is ready.
The Lidl electric ice cream maker includes 6 recipes for ice cream and sorbets (including a vegan one) in the instruction manual
The Lidl electric ice cream maker includes 6 recipes for ice cream and sorbets(including a vegan one) in the instruction manual. It also has a dishwasher-safe cap and whisk so that its disassembly and cleaning process is as simple as possible and it is always ready to prepare new homemade ice cream. Of course, if you are interested in acquiring it, hurry up because, as usual, Lidl’s star appliances do not usually last long in stock. Available in physical store from May 31.

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