Going back to school is synonymous with an increase in average spending in September. In fact, it is estimated that each boy or girl can spend an average of 1,900 euros during the school year.
There are still ten days left before the official start of September, the school month, but Lidl is already prepared for this event with the new products in its catalogue. With its ‘Back to School’ campaign, the Teutonic brand offers its consumers a wide range of desks, backpacks and school supplies to reduce the spending that this event causes.
All the products exposed below are already available,exclusively, on the company’s online platform. They will arrive at the physical establishments of supermarkets next August 30.

Ergonomic backpack

One of the best options for both boys and girls. With a discount of 19%, this school backpack is currently on sale for only 12 euros.It has breathable padding on the back and a height-adjustable system. For this reason, it has up to 5 levels so that the backpack can adapt to the point of comfort of our son or daughter.
In addition, the shoulder straps are padded and it has a stabilizing chest belt.It also has a front pocket with a compartment for a tablet with a screen of up to 12.7 cm, a small zippered pocket and an organizer with a key strap. It has a protective cover for the rain as well as an isothermal compartment.

Children’s calculator

One of the essentials for students of all ages. This children’s calculator has approximately 300,000 exercises, through which learning is developed in a more playful way.
It is available for 5.99 euros in the Lidl online store and in the horse, dinosaur, soccer and butterfly models. In addition, it has a sound indicator for correct and incorrect answers and 4 game modes with 5 levels of difficulty.

Electronic whiteboard

One of the products labeled as `Star Product´ by the company. This electronic whiteboard is at an amazing price of 6.99 euros and has a screen lock. It is used to take notes, draw or write on an 8.5-inch LCD screen.
In addition, thanks to its magnets it can be attached to any metal surface. It has a pressure sensitive surface and includes a touch pointer, a pointer holder and a battery.It also has a very simple writing and erasing process.

Matt white metal

desk This modern design desk is available on the company’s website for just 84.99 euros.It is made in a matte white with high quality imitation oak.
This desk features a sturdy metal frame and a highly scratch-resistant tabletop. It has measures of 114 x 75 x 76 cm.

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