The diesel was stolen by militiamen – perhaps ISIS -, escorted to Libyan ports, loaded onto ships and then ended up on the European market. The Catania prosecutor’s office, coordinated by the prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro (in the photo) has discovered an illegal traffic that also involves the Italian group MaxCom. Among those arrested was Marco Porta , CEO of MaxCom Bunker spa. The Libyan militia leader Fahmi Mousa Saleem Ben Khalifa , Nicola Orazio Romeo from Catania , who according to some collaborators of justice is linked to the Ercolano mafia family, and the Maltese Darren and Gordon Debono also ended up in handcuffs . HOW DIESEL TRAFFIC WORKED
The investigations, which lasted more than a year, made it possible to reconstruct how illegal trafficking was managed. The militiamen took the diesel fuel destined for the ships from the Zawyia refinery, not far from Tripoli. Then they transported him to the ports of the area controlled by Ben Khalifa, called “the Malem” (the chief). Here the diesel was transferred to fishing boats modified into tankers. Once in Malta, it was poured onto the ships of companies that have their registered office there, and then headed for Italy, to be precise in the MaxCom deposits in Augusta, Civitavecchia and Venice, where it was further refined to make it usable for cars. It was then distributed through some Sicilian “paper companies”, evading VAT, on the Italian market, but also on the French and Spanish markets.WHAT IS THE MAXCOM GROUP
At the center of the story is the MaxCom group. MaxCom Bunker, of which Marco Porta is the managing director, is 100% controlled by MaxCom Petroli, in turn 100% controlled by Fin Go & Fuel spa. Moreover, starting from last July 13, he is also the CEO of Fin Go.
The CEO of MaxCom Petroli, on the other hand, is Emanuele Jacorossi . The parent company, Fin Go & Fuel, refers to the Jacorossi family, a Roman power in the energy sector. In fact , Chiara, Marta and Giancarlo Jacorossi , the latter brother of Angelo , sit on his board, who in the 1980s, before the sinking of his company, was defined by the press as “the Roman czar of energy”. In addition to Jacorossi, Daniela Parmegiani and Libyan Yousef Mohamed Taher also sit on the board of Fin Go & Fuel . Fin Go’s partners are Giancarlo, Daniele, Emanuele, Marta, Chiara and Cristiana Jacorossi . The company, which has 3.5 million share capital, closed in 2016 with a profit of 455,307 euros.
Instead MaxCom Bunker, the operating arm of the Jacorossi financial company, has a share capital of 5 million and closed 2016 with an operating profit of 1 million and 725 thousand euros.
Finally, there is MaxCom Petroli: it has a share capital of 4 million 170 thousand euros and in 2016 it made a profit of 6 million and 269 thousand euros. From the report attached to the last financial statements, it is also clear that in 2016 its shareholders, (i.e. Fin Go & Fuel alone), benefited from the distribution of a dividend of 30 million euros, deriving mostly from retained earnings. (i.e. forming part of the company’s assets). This distribution, also reads in the report, also derives from the forecast of collection by MaxCom Petroli, following the “sale of 60% of MaxCom Bunker, Delta Energy and Anapo (two other subsidiaries of the group, ed)”
From the minutes of the meeting of Fin Go & Fuel, attached to the 2016 financial statements, we read that the consolidated financial statements of the group, i.e. that of all the subsidiaries, show a profit of 8 million and 170 thousand euros. SUPPLIES FOR DEFENSE
The group is one of the suppliers of the Ministry of Defense, in particular through MaxCom Petroli. In 2013 the company was awarded a 6 million euro contract for the supply of fuel for the Ciampino aeronautical base. About a year ago, on October 26, 2016, the same company obtained the procurement service of distilled naval fuel for the naval units of the Navy. Amount of the service: 2 million euros plus another million optional increase (on page 68 of this issue of the Official Gazette),

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