Antonio, the best thing you can do as the future mayor of Seville by the grace of my Juan is to worry about their real problems, choose two or three challenges and dedicate yourself to them in these two and a half years. No, don’t make an effort to do what you haven’t done in the first half of your mandate.
Quit the brotherly impostures and tell the Ministry of Public Works that we Sevillians deserve tunnels on the SE-40 and not the ojana bridges that they will sell us sooner rather than later. Don’t waste a minute on the major, minor and middling festivals, but on Seville having a rail connection between the San Pablo airport and the Santa Justa station.It is not necessary for the Eternal Seville to accept you, that is done, achieved and amortized because eternity is first cousin of romance , and for this last value you will not have any problem as long as you do not abuse, that you will not abuse. No matter how much you try to get along with the PP candidate, Jose Luis Sanz, there is no doubt in your mind that the senator will hit you hard and loose as heir to sanchismo in a local key.
Oh, Antonio, cover yourself because being mayor is not the same as being a Town Planning delegatewho is suspicious of the area, a passionate Culture delegate and a scruffy, gallows, backpacker and three-star Tourism delegate that we accept as if it were five. Cheats, the precise ones. You only have to travel a little (without the need to tell it on the networks as if we were bearers of the Great Power) to know what is coming to us through Seville. And don’t stop entering because otherwise we will have a serious problem!Archbishop Asenjo already said it in full restrictions. “Oh, how sad is the city without tourists.” Well, they are all circulating through the circuits as God commands… and the Church wishes. Antonio, tell the State to provide us with infrastructures, to take care of our budgets, to ensure that Seville does not continue to be punished in the official accounts, that we do not continue to suffer for the Expo.
Antonio, you will be a modern, progressive and alternative mayor. Get us out of the stale postcard! Surely you get them to come visit us to see the tunnels under construction on the SE-40 and get off the plane fed up with mussels and potatoes (which is what they eat in Brussels) and get on a train (tururu) that leaves us in Santa Justa to transfer to another that takes us to Cortadura. Seville will bevery modern, progressive and transversal with Antonio Munoz. How much is forgiven to one (Espadas), will be demanded from another (Munoz). My Juan is not the same as Antonio. The world is unfair. Ask someone who had twenty councilors…

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