The current Dean of the Illustrious Official College of Psychology of Eastern Andalusia (COPAO), Manuel Mariano Vera Martinez , has announced the team that will accompany him in the elections to the Governing Board of this institution and which will take place on December 16, as well as your program. Under the motto ‘Let’s Unite Psychology’ , the team is made up of around twenty psychology professionals from university, scientific, legal and health fields.
“This is a project in which our profession comes first”, stated the Dean of COPAO. “We have managed to introduce the debate on psychological healthin the Administrations and it is time to consolidate ourselves not only as a profession but as a response to the problems that citizens are going through”. Vera has also pointed out that ‘Let’s Unite Psychology’ stems from the need to “keep the entire profession together” . “We advocate that all our members, whatever the field in which they work and whatever the province of Eastern Andalusia where they work, are equal and feel equally defended against the Administrations and professional intrusiveness”, he has expressed.

For the present and future members

One of the maxims included in the electoral program of ‘Unite Psychology’ focuses on the defense of its members. In this sense, initiatives are promoted to facilitate registration in all situations.
On the other hand, the candidacy also proposes to provide support for all professional opportunities through the creation of opposition preparation groups, training work groups for third parties and the publication of guides and FAQs for self-employment.
In this last sense, aware of the difficulty involved in making one’s way in the self-employed regime, ‘Unite Psychology’ has signed collaboration agreements with Caja Rural de Granada and the CG Group. In the case of the former, the new members will be able to open an account in the aforementioned bank , without maintenance costs or commissions, and will receive abonus of 150 euros . That is, the reimbursement of the high school fee. “But we are not a telephone operator that is only interested in capturing new customers, we are also interested in current members. For this reason, we have negotiated so that these conditions are also extended to current members who open an account at Caja Rural de Granada”.
In the case of existing members, opening an account in Caja Rural de Granada with the same conditions, they can receive a refund of 127 euros . An amount equal to the first semester installment.
Regarding the second of the agreements, it will allow COPAO members to have tax and labor consulting services at 25 euros per monthand benefit from very advantageous discounts when contracting additional services such as the personal income tax return, among others. In addition, Grupo CG will make available to COPAO the SII Facil platform that will allow them to quickly and easily update their tax obligations, without the need to travel. Finally, because they are members of COPAO, they will obtain a free audit of their last two fiscal years to check the status of their finances and the viability of their businesses.

For a diverse and universal Psychology

Another of the main proposals included in the electoral program of ‘Let’s Unite Psychology’ is the fight for the increase of professionals in all areas of action. Thus, the fight will continue to increase PIR positions and to facilitate a professional outlet for the profile of the General Health Psychologist. “We firmly believe that it is possible and necessary to incorporate them into Primary Health Care services in mental health promotion and prevention tasks, since they are the main gateway for most mental health patients.”

Composition of the candidacy

In this new stage, Vera Martinez will be accompanied by psychology professionals from various fields, in her desire to “give representation to the profession as a whole”. This is the case of the university environment and research , through profiles such as Maria Nieves Perez Marfil; the ethical environment, such as Nicolas Garrido Martinez, Maria del Carmen Gonzalez Garcia or Pedro Andres Padilla. The figures of the psychologist in associations and foundations, as well as in the business environment , will also be represented through Josefina Cervantes and Ignacio Banderas Moreno, who have developed their professional careers in these areas.
Finally, the profile of the General Health Psychologist will also be present through the figure of Juan Manuel Guiote Gregoris , as well as Educational Psychology through Eva Maria Fernandez. The rest of the members, as well as the full electoral program, can be consulted on the website

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