There are breeds of dogs that are less intelligent than others and some of the reasons could be that it is more difficult for them to learn, they are independent, distracted and orders have to be repeated several times until they comply with them.
The breeds that we are going to show you do not show that a dog cannot learn certain rules, especially since at Mascotissimas we will always insist that each dog is a world, it has its own personality and the education they receive will always depend on the owner.

-Basset Hound: His physical appearance (long ears, hooded eyes and elongated body) give him a slightly silly appearance. Unfortunately,It is a dog that needs a lot of attention and a lot of repetition in order to understand them.It is stubborn, independent and disobedient by nature, although like almost any dog, if you offer it a reward it will obey you.

-Bulldog: The main problem with this dog is that it is slow to understand orders. You have to have a lot of patience to educate and train it. They say they are calculating and dependent , but luckily they are also very protective dogs.

-Chow chow: It is one of the breeds of dogs that need more attention. Many experts brand them as egomaniacs for their need to always be the center of attention, so it is not recommended that a person give them a soft training because they could end up putting themselves at the service of their own pet .

-Chihuahua: This breed is the protagonist of many of our lists. They are very protective dogs despite their size but they also have an attention deficit when it comes to following orders . The person who wants to educate him should know that they are dogs with a lot of energy and will be distracted by other stimuli.

-Pekingese: They are characterized by being quite lazy and independent animals, which results in them not being obedient or disciplined. Although they have a lot of character, they love comfort, so encouraging them to obey orders that involve excessive movements can be a triumph.

-Bullterrier: Whoever has a bullterrier in their life knows that it is a dog with a lot of personality and sometimes they do what they want. They are independent dogs and need a lot of patience to educate them as well as a large number of repetitions in their training.They say that one of the most difficult traits of their personality is their tendency to please their owner out of convenience, which means that they are not necessarily receptive to the orders that are sent to them.

-Beagle:This breed is quite a challenge when it comes to training because they are very independent, so you have to spend a lot of time and have a lot of patience.Despite having a strong personality and being stubborn, it is also one of the most recommended pets to keep children or couples company due to its great, noble and faithful heart.

-Dalmatian: They say that it is one of the most hyperactive and difficult to control dogs, but everything will depend on the discipline and training that is given to it. They are dogs full of energy and need a lot of activity but at the same time they are very distractible and have a low level of obedience.

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