Meme, comments and 5,279,000 spectators for yesterday’s episode 13 April: Leonardo on Rai 1 was a real event series. After the last episode, it was confirmed as an unmissable film, which offered us an original reading of the Italian genius par excellence. There has been a lot of talk about it even in a critical vision but, as they say, the important thing is that we talk about it. A real event series
Created by Frank Spotnitz and Stephen Thompson, Leonardo is a “historical” TV series that tells, in an unedited version, Leonardo da Vinci, played by Aidan Turner . It was produced by Lux Vide , Rai Fiction , Big Light Productions , Sony Pictures Television , RTVEand France Televisions and aired from 23 March 2021. The series follows the artist’s journey that leads him to meet Ludovico Sforza and also tells the story of his encounter with his muse Caterina da Cremona, played by Matilda De Angelis. A character, that of Caterina, mysterious and fascinating, which has its roots in a less known story but, for this reason, no less important for the life of Leonardo. To recover all the episodes, from April 28,
“For me you have always been and will always be love.” # Leonardo #Leonardolaserie # Rai1
– Rai1 (@RaiUno) April 13, 2021 Pablo Neruda , the most beautiful poems
The most beautiful poems of Pablo Neruda, the poet Nobel Prize for Literature in 1941, defined a real “poet-painter” The criticisms
The criticisms of the series focus in particular on the “forced” modernization of situations and dialogues. Furthermore, as many fans and scholars of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life report, the series has added a little too much imagination in telling the story. and the fact that the events narrated, with the biographical events of Leonardo, have very little to do with it.
Among the many examples that we could do, there are those concerning Verrocchio. The latter, at the time of the Baptism of Christ, was about 40 years old, while in the film he is played by the now elderly Giannini; But the same thing goes for the story of Caterina da Cremona, portrayed as a courtesan of at least a century later. If the questions that the series wanted to ask us are “What moved Leonardo’s infinite imagination
What travails hid his greatest creations
”, We must also ask ourselves if it was necessary to upset an already extraordinary life of him. Leonardo, the blockbuster series that divides viewers: docufilm or fiction
While waiting to know the audience data, we asked our readers what they thought of the two new episodes and, in general, of the TV series about Leonardo Da Vinci A fiction and not a documentary
It is important to underline that, when you see a fiction, we don’t have to think about approaching a documentary. The risk of these products is that of confusing the real events – and known to few – with those told. The interesting thing to underline is that in order to create these fiction, the screenwriters are certainly informed about new and lesser known aspects of the story. Witness the first “curriculum” written by Leonardo, criticized by many, but real. Gigi Proietti himself had already recited it, giving us information that is often unknown.Leonardo da Vinci wrote a list of his abilities
for Ludovico il Moro , aimed at explaining his abilities in 12 points, in order to get hired :
“[…] I will build covered, safe, unassailable wagons equipped with artillery , which will be able to break the enemy ranks, opening the way for the infantry, which will advance easily and without obstacles […] In peacetime, they are able to satisfy every request in the field of architecture, in public and private construction and in designing canalization works of waters . I know how to create sculptures in marble, bronze and terracotta , and paintings of any kind . I can run theequestrian monument in bronze which will eternally celebrate the memory of your father and the noble Sforza family ”.
Did you know that in 1482 #Leonardo wrote the first curriculum vitae in history
From #Ulisse, #GigiProietti interprets an extract of the cover letter that the Tuscan artist wrote to be hired by Ludovico Il Moro. # Rai1 #Leonardolaserie / DlQg1GBLbY
– Rai1 (@RaiUno) March 23, 2021

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