He will pursue Leonardo da Vinci (Aidan Turner) in the series that premieres tonight on La 1, Leonardo, biography of the great artist and engineer. Known for his role in the series The Good Doctor and for having been Tim Burton’s Charlie of the chocolate factory, Freddie Highmore (London, 1992) graduated in Hispanic Philology at the University of Cambridge and speaks Spanish fluently. The actor was interviewed by this newspaper in 2020.
+“I have always been good at languages ​​and I have been interested in Spanish and Spain as a country since I was young; When I was at university I spent a year in Madrid as part of my studies, I love the people, the atmosphere and the way of life”, he explains.
In Leonardo, a European blockbuster for RAI and RTVE, Highmore plays a fictional character, Stefano Grimaldi, a detective who investigates the Renaissance painter for a murder that is part of the part of the plot that is invented in the series.
“Stefano tries to understand reality, he doesn’t have a deep appreciation for art at first, but there is a great journey between the two through the eight chapters. They are two very different people but both very intelligent in their own way, despite their differences they respect each other intellectually”. forward.
Leonardo is an approach to the life, work and personal dilemmas of the Renaissance genius that has provoked some criticism for the lack of historical rigor in some aspects.“You have to invent to a certain extent,” says Highmore, “in this case the whole part of the investigation and the murder (of a woman named Caterina of Cremona) is fiction, but it is something that serves not only to entertain but is a way to explore the character of Leonardo”. “Leonardo is an enigma for Stefano and for the public and what he tries to do is understand who the man is, the real person behind the enigma and the famous paintings”, he reveals about what will be seen in the fiction.
Highmore assures that it was not about making a documentary series, although there are many real facts and largely unknown to the general public.“I think we arrived at a rather unknown reality-based representation of Leonardo: a gay man, illegitimate son, marginalized in society;we tend to say only that he was a genius in every field, a perfect and ideal man”, he underlines. The actor also gives importance to the scientific facet of Da Vinci. “I’m fluent in both arts and science, and that’s very interesting in this age where we have to choose one or the other.”
The British Freddie Highmore along with The Good Doctor, which in the midst of a pandemic adapted its plots to the coronavirus, also shot in 2019 in Madrid Way Down , with Jaume Balaguero, and which will be released in theaters this fall.

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