Even if you have followed all the tips to keep your tan longer, by now the color is fading they leave the skin chapped especially on the legs
The snakeskin effect is not something you aspire to: the skin exposed to the sun may have suffered too much stress and having increased the production of free radicals, the main culprits of the aging process. Don’t panic, you can run for cover with an easy routine that will allow you to have smooth and soft skin in ten days. 1. The rule: purify yourself
It’s time to purify yourself and activate a strategy that eliminates toxins. Therefore, in the daily routine you must strictly insert a surplus of water since obviously what you have taken so far has not been enough. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and remember to also treat yourself to purifying herbal teas and centrifuged citrus and fruit that contain vitamins A and C, which are very important for the skin. 2. Scrub or gommage
The elimination of dead cells is a priority if you want to fight this “anaconda” metamorphosis. The advice is to initially use the scrub as it is generally more effective, and if you see that already at the first laying it has eliminated most of the dead cells, you can continue to use a more delicate method guaranteed by the scrub. The frequency is two a week for the first few days, then decreases with once a week. 3. Frequent washing
No, thanks

When you see the surface of the legs that seems parched like desert land, you immediately want to jump into the water to soften the skin. Be careful as prolonged baths dehydrate the skin more: at the moment they appear beneficial, but after going out and drying you feel the skin tightening. Clear sign that you have exaggerated. You prefer showers, infrequent, and with non-aggressive products: there are many products with oils or moisturizing substances that do not foam. 4. After shower: oils at will
After a shower is the ideal time to hydrate the skin to the maximum. Prefer natural oils such as coconut, almond or argan oils, or even shea butter which, when applied in the evening, can work for many hours during the night. If you are in the habit of taking a morning shower, you can choose moisturizing and humectant products that absorb immediately, but never forget to nourish your skin. 6. Advice in the morning
The morning has gold in your mouth… and cream on your legs. Whatever you have to do, it is not allowed to get dressed without having applied a layer of moisturizer on the body and especially on the legs. The moisturizer serves above all to prevent the water, naturally present in the cells, from evaporating or dispersing. 7. Outfit: soft and delicate
If your skin is not in perfect condition yet, you can’t think about wearing rough or tight clothes: you love the jeans you just bought, but you can postpone their appearance on the city streets by 10 days. It’s time for leggings that protect but with kindness. 8. Behaviors to avoid
In addition to routine and good habits, there are some behaviors to avoid when the skin is peeling. The horsehair glove can be ideal for removing dead cells, but it is certainly not the best of delicacy if you have chapped skin, so before your legs have regained their natural softness, avoid it. Also avoid shaving with a razor: even if just purchased, it still has an inflammatory effect for the skin and a short duration: until the skin recovers, prefer delicate creams or a wax at the beginning of the shock treatment.

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