There are items that become a cult object and, despite how precious they may seem to us, they end up being something completely out of our reach. Not because they are inaccessible (also) or because there are few articles of the same model, rather because their prices are absolutely exorbitant .
In the middle of the change of season, we have already taken a look at the new proposals that the firms have prepared for us , especially with regard to accessories. A few days ago we fell in love with the new colored bags from Parfois that, for a super cheap priceThey solved the most cheerful and fun looks of spring. But, the one that has really conquered us is the Bottega Veneta bag in its pistachio green version, just as it happened to us with the bag available in four colors for which we feel an absolute crush.
Quilted, braided and in a bright green, the Bottega Veneta bag seems perfect for spring days , although we prefer a slightly more wearable model of this design, such as the ecru or black version. The bag, which is precious, is presented to us as a simple daydream, since it costs 2,500 eurosAnd it’s way out of our budget. A few days ago we found in this firm the most beautiful floral and polka dot dresses of spring and now it surprises us again.
Accustomed as we are to giving us the low cost versions of the top trends of the moment, Lefties presents itself as our fairy godmother to grant us the low cost version of the most imitated Bottega Veneta bag so that we indulge ourselves without going bankrupt. Available in two colors, the Lefties low cost bag that imitates the Bottega Veneta model only costs 14.99 , a much more reasonable price and with which we can give ourselves the pleasure of carrying the most beautiful bag of spring.

The Bottega and Veneta bag and its low cost version at Lefties One of the most acclaimed pieces of theBottega and Veneta

fashion brand is the padded shoulder bag, but, although it is ideal, it is an accessory that is not within reach of all pockets. The one from Bottega and Veneta is one of the most desired bags on the market , but its price (2,500 euros) is such an astronomical figure that we prefer to keep one of the clones of this much-desired model. That’s why finding this low cost version at Lefties has made us so happy.
In the case of the Bottega and Veneta shoulder bag, it is a double-sided accessory with quilted fabric. It is made with wide strips of napa

in an octagonal fabric, whose interior is identical to the exterior, only it has a zippered pocket. It has a magnetic closure and the strap is adjustable. In addition, it can be folded inside to carry it as a handbag.
In the case of the low cost version, the Lefties bag is also a quilted model that has nothing to envy the one from Bottega and Veneta, but at a much more affordable price (not much, very much). Available in two colors (off-white and black), the Lefties bag only costs 14.99 euros, which makes it much more attractive to get the most sought-after bag of the moment. Its price adapts so much to our budget, that we may get the two models of the Lefties bag to have all the looks solved between now and the end of spring.

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