This year we really want Christmas, especially New Year’s Eve. That is why we are already like crazy preparing our Christmas looks, from the jeweled jeans with which to have a sophisticated look , but a little more informal, to that key black dress in the New Year’s Eve looks , through the black feather t-shirt with which to go to the latest fashion in our Christmas looks.
Although we have more than studied the Christmas outfits, the New Year’s look is not something that we should leave to chance, especially this year. As each one of us is a world and when it comes to dressing there are times when we change our minds (proposing diametrically opposed options), Leftie s arrives and proposesall the party options to shine to the fullest with the Christmas look and it couldn’t seem more wonderful.
Cindy Kimberly, one of the most internationally sought-after Spanish influencers, has become the star of the new Lefties collection, Evening Woman Collection Aw21, showing the main party looks for this season. Hand in hand with the influencer, we delve into all the Lefties party options to shine to the fullest with the New Year’s Eve look .
Lefties continues to give the consumer top priority and launches this new collection with which not only will you feel more like yourself than ever, but comfort and elegance will go together in all the party options to shine to the fullest with the New Year’s Eve look .

This is the Lefties party collection for New Year’s Eve looks

In this new Lefties party collection you will discover garments and accessories that can be combined with each other with unexpected contrasts and perfect looks that are ideal for New Year’s Eve (and for any another event you have this Christmas). Garments that take the color black as the indisputable base for their timelessness and elegance, as well as being combinable with the best denim in black or silver. The collection has a wide presence of glittering, paillettes and the velvet color that stands out in jackets, dresses and tops, with a special and chic shine throughout the collection .
Also the accessories that will not leave anyone indifferent:jewel earrings , spectacular headbands, belts, bags in different formats, shoes, sandals and boots, the latter become one of the star pieces to complete the New Year’s Eve look , due to its great versatility highlighting the sophisticated, elegant and casual character that you want to give as a final touch to party looks in general and New Year’s Eve in particular.
In short, some of the most minimalist and simple outfits that stand out for their femininity, maintaining the balance between elegance and sophistication with the best style and the latest trends for women.
Yes, we already know that these dates are full of events and plans with loved ones in which you want to show off your best outfit. This Lefties collection, with which you will shine wherever you go , will make you look perfect for any occasion. That is why we bring you the best options so that you shine with your own light in all your Christmas looks and, above all, in your New Year’s Eve look.

Some of Lefties’ proposals to shine with your New Year’s Eve look

Among the multiple options of the new Lefties collection to shine with your New Year’s Eve look, we have chosen some options that we will tell you about below.

Short dress with glitter straps: perfect if you are one of those who prefers a simple yet elegant dress. With a loose neckline with shiny straps, this model will be the most comfortable and original for these dates. In addition, due to its color and texture, it is easy to combine with neutral footwear and accessories.

Cropped blazer : we cannot forget the low temperatures at this time of year and how difficult it is sometimes to combine our style with a blazer, but nevertheless this one is characterized by its button closure and long sleeves with shoulder pads, which It makes our figure much more stylized. In addition, it is available in two shades: black and fuchsia, which makes its design perfect for any occasion.

Sequin wrap dress: If you love sequins, this is your ideal dress with its wrap cut and V-neckline with long sleeves. Perfect for one of those nights of partying and debauchery or for one of those Christmas dinners.

Top and cropped skirt set : if you’re more into wearing a set, you can’t miss this option of a long-sleeved short top with a round neckline and a shiny fringed finish, which can be combined with this short skirt with a side slit and with the same finish. Both in black, which guarantees its timelessness and, above all, the elegance of this shade that always stylizes.

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