Led bulbs can be considered as a perfectly environmentally friendly solution , which at the same time allows you to obtain an undoubted advantage from an economic point of view . For all those who think that the old incandescent bulbs were able to create much more comfortable and fashionable environments, over the last few years many new types of lamps and other LED lighting tools have been created that revolutionize this. preconception. Nowadays there is only the embarrassment of choice also from the design point of view , without forgetting the favorable impact that LED bulbs have on the family budget .Savings on the bill thanks to LED bulbs
It doesn’t take long to understand how LED bulbs allow you to consume less and, consequently, to have an economic advantage compared to previous models. Obviously, these are always arguments that must be made in the long term, in such a way as to be able to better appreciate all the various advantages, including ecological ones, connected to this new type of lighting. Led lamps have an average life span of around 50,000 hours , or five and a half years. According to one of the latest research on the subject, lighting a room for this period of time will cost 122 euros with a Led bulb e254 euros with a non-Led bulb . This is a significant saving in your bill.
However, the advantage is also environmental. In fact, over the course of the five and a half years, a LED lamp consumes about 500 kW , which means about 100 euros in the bill. Consumption with other types of lamps is around 1150 kW , or about 230 euros. Also in this case it can be seen how the convenience of LED bulbs emerges in every respect. The price of LED bulbs is higher than the old bulbsAlso in this case you must not be fooled by appearances, since the initial price difference can be recovered thanks to the lower consumption in 5 and a half years, without forgetting how the duration of this LED bulb is equivalent to about 5-6 normal bulbs. . Basically, the expense exclusively to buy the bulbs will eventually exceed the average cost of a LED lamp. It is also possible to buy led bulbs online on offer, thus also saving on the purchase of the latter. Design and style at home with LED
lamps LED lamps are not only characterized by allowing you to save something on your bill or by having a totally green impact. Indeed, over the past few years they have been developedseveral very interesting stylistic solutions . From the point of view of design, there is now only the embarrassment of choice. You can find Led floor lamps, which are characterized by being formed by two “branches” that rise towards the ceiling and intertwine.
Other stylistically appreciable solutions derive from those LED lamp models that have an appearance that is very reminiscent of the vertical development of plants. There are also LED ceiling lamps , which are characterized by being very light, in order to be applied also on materials such as wood and plastic , but above all to have shapes for every taste and need . The LED lamps on the market have ainteresting design also for all those who work in the office or are often at the computer at home. In short, not only lighting tools, but also real furnishing elements, with innovative and revolutionary shapes, which also welcome the tastes of the most demanding people.
In short, LED lamps are green , economically advantageous , last longer , consume less and are also very beautiful to look at !

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