Ironic, bubbly and simply beautiful: Elisabetta Canalis arrived in the studio of Le Iene like a tornado, to support Nicola Savino in conducting the third episode of the show. A female edition that is enjoying great success with the public, with the inevitable reports on current affairs and news issues that, as always, are much discussed. From hyena to dark lady, chic and elegant
The episode of Le Iene on October 19th did not betray the expectations and, as we imagined, the presence of Elisabetta Canalis gave an extra sparkling touch to the show , without forgetting elegance. We had already been able to admire the ook from ten and praiseby Elodie and Rocio Munoz Morales, but the former Velina di Striscia the news was not far behind.
Like her colleagues, she entered the studio with the Iena “uniform”, the classic black suit with white shirt and tor-sur-ton tie, enriched by a pair of stiletto heels that are nothing short of dizzying. Then (finally) the change of look: Canalis chose a real dark lady outfit for the occasion . The total black dress with a bandeau neckline was nothing short of perfect to enhance the shoulders, arms and muscular and toned legs (Elisabetta is a great lover of sports and fitness) and a simple drapery on the side was enough to complete the all with a super feminine touch.
Of course, the highlight could not be missing: shoes. Leaving the decollete behind, Canalis combined the dress with a pair of high-heeled ankle boots, all studded with glitter. A chic and sparkling detail that never hurts. The sweet promise of her husband Brian Perri
If being on the stage of Le Iene is a great emotion in itself, there was no shortage of surprises for the beautiful Elisabetta. With great enthusiasm, the conductor Nicola Savino announced, in fact, the interview with Canalis’ husband, Brian Perri who with a slightly broken Italian (after all and a famous American surgeon ) let himself go to some details about their relationship.
Happily married since 2014, the two live in the USA and are more in love than ever. And from the words of the handsome Brian the strength of this bond was perceived, which rests on a solid feeling and on that pinch of humor that never hurts and puts the right “spice”. The jealousies, the messages of the exes (with not exactly veiled reference to Clooney), even that time I google the name of the presenter, unaware of how famous she was to her in Italy.
But speaking of her daughter that Brian Perri’s eyes filled with joy: “You gave me the most precious gift in the world, Skylar,” Elizabeth told her about her. Then adding a promise : one day they will come to live permanently in Italy.Love, pain, loneliness: the exciting monologue
It was already touched by the two previous colleagues and also in the new episode of Le Iene it is time for the monologue. Elisabetta Canalis has chosen a theme to which she is particularly sensitive , starting from a report that told of some dogs separated from their master. A form of love that the presenter knows well, the purest one imaginable.
Elisabetta was unable to hold back her emotion when talking about her first four-legged friend, Piero. Sweet little Pinscher passed away in 2017, leaving her with a devastating pain that only those lucky enough to look after a dog can fully understand. Everyone else is ready to point the finger,to belittle such a loss without understanding . Words like these make us reflect on the very meaning of pain, loneliness and love. A feeling that has a thousand facets, none less important than the others.
Elisabetta Canalis and Nicola Savino together with “Le Iene”

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