The furnishings of the laundry room are of particular importance.
This space, in fact, must be functional and allow easy movements, too often it is underestimated, here’s how to leave nothing to chance and try to mitigate the annoyance of having to “do the washing again!” Laundry how to best furnish it!
A complete and complete home when it meets different needs.
If on the one hand a lot of attention is paid to the aesthetic aspect: design and style at the forefront, on the other hand, avoiding underestimating efficiency and comfort makes the rooms more livable.
Dedicating a space in the house to household chores means creating a laundry corner
, which does not clash with the rest of the style and remains in the background, how many times the basket of clothes to be washed is overcrowded and we hide it to avoid making a bad impression on the guests . reveals an anti-stress choice!
Before choosing appliances for their quality, it is important to check the available spaces and imagine how to arrange the “tools of the perfect housewife!”.
The laundry room furnishings not only include appliances, but also wall units and chests to hold clothes and detergents .
Attention to detail and an in-depth study of spaces is essential to fit all the necessary accessories and appliances together.
The choice of a light and airy environment is important not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for safety. Between technology and small spaces. Compromises for laundry furnishings.
The washing machine and the household appliance which, not only by vocal assonance, recalls the necessary to furnish the laundry room.
The dryer is that extra touch, daughter of technology that allows you to save time and obtain softer clothes without the inconvenience of humidity.
The iron is a tool that, despite receiving a very high rate of contempt, is one of the indispensable.
To furnish the laundry room, and leave nothing to chance, it is useful to choose wall units and multipurpose containers.
If the room is small, a wall unit can be transformed into a drying rack, where, if necessary, the clothes to be dried can be hung.
In the same way, the iron board can be fitted inside the detergent cabinet.
Creativity plays a key role in the furnishing of the laundry room, finding the right space can be a difficult task.
An alternative solution is to integrate washing appliances into the kitchen area , dividing the rooms by function, exploiting the spaces for uses and dividing them intelligently.
This alternative is convenient both when you have large spaces available and you don’t want to “waste” a room for the laundry only, and when the sizes are small and the rooms need to be compacted. Laundry and bathroom: lasting coexistence
Among the classics and timeless we find the duvet in autumn and… the washing machine in the bathroom!
Appliance present in (almost) all homes finds a place in different environments.
The idea of ​​furnishing a laundry bathroom is generally dictated by those who have more than one bathroom, in this way one becomes pure service and the other is intended for moments of relaxation.
Often, when you choose to furnish a laundry bathroom you tend to leave this appliance exposed, to avoid this aesthetic “defect” you can choose to embed the washing machine in a piece of furniture , perhaps made to measure and using an equipped wall, without forgetting iron. iron and, if space permits, also the dryer or clothesline.
The extra idea is to take advantage of the heights for the bathroom and laundry furniture .
In this way there will be no empty spaces and you can add and insert all the elements necessary to take care of the household chores.
Current regulations, in terms of restructuring of civil premises, require the creation of an ante-bathroom.
Also in this space it is possible to insert a storage unit and furnish a laundry room, the same space can be used and shared with a shoe rack.
In this way, a space that would otherwise be lost can be used for useful purposes. The utility room houses the laundry furniture . Shelves or storage furniture. Laundry furniture must first of all be functional and comfortable.
Choosing shelves with wheels will be the extra touch that will allow you to make movements easier.
In this way you can transform your closet according to your needs, choosing to lower the ironing board rather than close the cabinet doors and consider the household chores concluded (temporarily).Without underestimating the natural light factor, even the closet can be transformed into an efficient corner , by choosing the right furniture to furnish the laundry room and the closet, you can give more uses to a single room.
The possibility of having a window with natural light is the added value that increases the livability of the environment, choosing to design a house with a lot of natural light makes, at least apparently, the rooms more livable, which is why it is important to divide the living areas with areas dedicated to exclusive use for relaxation are excellent.
Another factor that should not be underestimated is the choice of the color of the walls . Furnishing the laundry room with soft and light colors will make the room brighterand will allow you to better appreciate the work done by your appliances (and not only).
The light and clear colors convey delicacy and cleanliness, and for the furnishings of the laundry room, they are indispensable requirements. Power to the elements
The laundry furniture with the addition of useful elements for use and pleasing to the eye and an extra touch to keep the whole environment in order. The laundry basket is the most important element on which to focus attention.
Prefer a design object rather than an element with simple and apparently anonymous lines and dictated by the spaces available, and by the location that you choose to furnish the laundry room.
If the appliances are placed in thekitchen area , the elements of the laundry furniture must be the most linear and anonymous , so as not to clash with the kitchen cabinets and cabinets.
If, on the other hand, you have a unique space entirely intended for laundry furnishings, then you can be daring with the choice of particular, unique and attention-grabbing design elements.
The solutions for a laundry furniture are endless, added with good will you can have clean and fragrant cloths at any time.
By keeping the level of goodwill high, the containers can be created following the art of DIY.

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