In recent years the lanternsthey have burst into homes not only to illuminate, but also to furnish with style. They are delightful accessories, made according to different designs, as well as ideal for restoring a certain warmth to any environment. They can be placed indoors but also outdoors, in order to embellish a garden, a balcony or a terrace. Furthermore, lanterns are also used to decorate shop windows and locations on special occasions, such as during a wedding. In short, that of lanterns is a real passion. It is no coincidence that more and more those who, after having bought or received the first lantern as a gift, have decided to collect them. After all, the lanterns look good everywhere and once lit they are really perfect for creating magical atmospheres and making every party special.Where to buy the most original
lanterns The lanterns are easily found in many shops, especially those that deal with accessories and furnishing accessories. However, when you are looking for something very original, it is possible to focus your research on the web and on e-commerce that deal with online lanterns., such as those proposed by Merlo Carta. At competitive prices, it will therefore be possible to comfortably order quality lanterns with a unique and refined design at home. You will be able to range between sets of lanterns, of different sizes and equipped with a mirror inside them, so that, once turned on, the light will emit fascinating games. In addition, shabby-style lanterns can also be ordered online, which today are very popular and can be placed in any environment. These are accessories made of wood, often pickled, which can be accompanied by candles of different colors. Particularly refined, finally, are the metal lanterns, of different styles and also perfect for creating shop windows that will not go unnoticed. Passion lanterns to furnish with style
That of the lanterns and therefore a very pleasant mania. Whoever owns lanterns is well aware of the great versatility they can offer and the unique atmosphere they allow to create. You start with the first lantern without being able to get enough. They lend themselves to furnishing any kind of home, whether modern or traditional. Lovers of the shabby or classic style, as well as fans of the contemporary or ethnic genre, will have no problem finding the lantern that can respond to their taste, precisely because there are all kinds of lanterns. On or off, they can be placed in any corner of the house. The particularly large ones can be placed on the floor. Those who are lucky enough to have many, very often, choose to place them on the steps of a staircase. Furthermore, the lanterns can be placed on the shelves, they can be used as a centerpiece or can be used to decorate the living area. Outside they lend themselves a lot to make the garden even more beautiful. In the evening, once turned on, they will make every moment unique, because the light emitted also gives a sense of calmness and relaxation. This is why many decorate the bathroom area with lanterns.Lanterns: refined complements for unique atmospheres
Lanterns are perfect complements to give a certain character even to numerous locations. On occasions of weddings, birthdays and holidaysof all kinds, the lanterns are able to give a soft light and make the room very sophisticated. Summer evenings, outdoors, will have an extra touch if furnished with the addition of lanterns. Think, for example, of an evening by the sea: the decorators and those who deal with set-ups know well that the presence of the lanterns will make everything more romantic and dreamy. Many window dressers, like the most creative shopkeepers, rely on lanterns to decorate their shop windows. In recent times, wonderful shop windows have been created in every part of the world that have seen the presence of lanterns, sometimes even suspended, other times strategically positioned, precisely to highlight the goods on display and to capture the attention of passers-by. The lanterns are used for installations in every sector such as clothing, jewelery, furniture and much more. They can be combined with tea lights, candles of different sizes and even modern led candles.

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