The Spanish National Team has presented a documentary about its journey in the last Europe, in which the group led by Luis Enrique fell in the semifinals against Italy. ‘La Fuerza del Grupo’ , which will be available on Amazon Prime on November 19 , reviews all the adversities that the national team encountered, while showing us the day-to-day of the players and coaching staff.
The problems that the Spanish National Team encountered began well before the ball began to roll. The positive of Busquets, days before Spain debuted in the European Championship, set off all the alarms. The fear that there would be more positives in the group was very real and the confusion and uncertainty were the protagonists in the days before the European Championship. A situation that united the group much more.
Already with the tournament started, the start of Luis Enrique’s men offered some doubts because in the first two games they did not pass the tie, but a 0-5 against Slovakia triggered the illusion of the country. In the quarterfinals, La Roja eliminated Croatia 3-5 and advanced to the quarterfinals. There he defeated Switzerland in the penalty shootout after going one-one in regulation time and in the semifinals he fell to Italy in another match that was going to be decided from eleven meters, thus ending the adventure of the national team.
From the history of the Selection in the European Championship we will be able to see in the documentary a multitude of unpublished images . Training, Luis Enrique’s talks to his players or to them in pre-match concentrations, carrying out activities such as playing the console or table tennis, as can be seen in the teaser.

The difficulties of the group

In the teaser you can see how the difficulties that the group had to go through affected, something that will be one of the main themes of the documentary. In the trailer Luis Enrique is heard referring to these complications with comments such as “there is no selection in this European that has overcome as many difficulties as we have” .
Other comments by Luis Enrique that are heard in the minute and a half that Amazon offers us to present the documentary are that “we must put the team first” in one of the many talks that they will offer us, where we will be able to see how the Selection was preparing for their matches.

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