Kylie Jenner , television, web and also the makeup industry star thanks to her Kylie Cosmetics brand , also launches herself in the skincare world with the brand new Kylie Skin brand . Because we know, to get a good makeup you need to start with a well-groomed skin . The confirmation came from Instagram, the social media of Jenner’s election where after the first spoilers the official profile of the newborn brand was born and the first revelation photos were not long in coming. First of all, a cleansing foam for the face , which hinted that it was the only product in the line. And instead there are 6the products chosen by Kylie Jenner to inaugurate her new business , conceived and designed to be used on all skin types. The official launch is scheduled for May 22 , the day on which it will be possible to purchase the products, which have already been presented on the Instagram page @kylieskin . In addition to the cleansing mousse , in fact, a scrub , a tonic , a serum , a face cream and an eye contour cream will come out … and from this photo it seems that there is a seventh product, which is a lip balm
The cosmetics will be vegan, without parabens, sulphates, gluten and cruelty free. Specifically, the mousse will have a delicate fragrance also suitable for sensitive skin , as well as the vanilla tonic milk , useful for eliminating makeup residues and formulated without alcohol , not to be too aggressive or dry the skin. The walnut scrub , with exfoliating grains inside, will be at the same time gentle but with good exfoliating power, with a cocktail of anti-inflammatory ingredients to remove dead cells while the serum should be only one of the first proposed and is already working on the next, it will contain vitamin C and ingredients to stimulate collagen,reduce redness and reveal healthy, glowing skin. The face cream, on the other hand, is designed to be suitable for all skin types, but with a rich and moisturizing consistency , a perfect base for makeup with shea butter and orange peel extract and, even more importantly and of great fashion, it will contain a blue light filter , therefore suitable for those who spend a lot of time at the PC, in front of a screen or mobile phone. Last but not least, the eye cream , conceived by Kylie as a fundamental step which, however, still many people consider superfluous; then the pack will have a built-in applicator, in order to let the product come out and apply it directly to the eye contour. Enriched with green tea, pomegranate extract, vitamin E and caffeine , it could become the flagship product of its cosmetic line thanks to the declared moisturizing, illuminating and useful effect for combating bags and dark circles.
It will be possible to buy them both in sets and individuallyand, the thing that left the fans speechless, is that the price of the products doesn’t seem to be that high. However, there is no lack of controversy under the posts on the Instagram profile, between those who want to know the complete list of ingredients and those who complain of too high prices. $ 24 for the cleansing mousse and face cream, $ 22 for the scrub and toner, $ 28 for the serum, $ 20 for the eye contour and $ 125 for the complete set.
We just have to wait until May 22nd to discover and read the first reviews of these products which, judging by the success of the truly loved makeup brand all over the world, promises to be a success.

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