There was also the Tim dossier, with the moves of the US fund Kkr and the French company Vivendi, at the center of the first meetings of this intense Copasir week, with nine meetings and six hearings in three days. The intentions and priorities of the government will undoubtedly be discussed tomorrow during the face to face of the commissioners with Giancarlo Giorgetti , Minister of Economic Development. The future of Sparkle, a company under the Golden power regulation for the protection of strategic assets, was discussed today with Alessandro Pansa, that of Tim’s subsidiary and president, who in the past has been several times at Copasir having held prominent positions in institutions as general director of the Dis (Department for Information and Security) and chief of the Police, and who is considered among the greatest connoisseurs of the Golden power legislation.
From the note released after the meeting by the president of Copasir, Senator Adolfo Ursoof Fratelli d’Italia, we learn that in the hearing “the role of the company as a global telecommunications operator, all the more significant in the transition phase to the economy and digital society” was examined. In particular, it states, “the main development projects of the international connection network of which Telecom Italia Sparkle is the owner and the most important partnership activities were examined, through which the Italian operator acts in synergy with the major global players in the Mediterranean, in Europe and in other continents “. It has been examined, explained Urso,
In these last passages there is the summary of the hearing of the president of the company that owns and manages a network of fiber cables of over 600,000 kilometers that goes around the world. In fact, to use the words chosen by the CEO Elisabetta Romano when answering a question from a few days ago, Sparkle is “very strategic for Italy”, with “invaluable assets and human capital”. And “it will be even more so in the next decade”, thanks to “greater awareness of cables” and the new balance of the Internet that make our country “the center of gravity of connectivity, just think of our Sicily Hub”, she added.
It is therefore not surprising that Copasir’s spotlight is on Sparkle’s future. In fact, the US fund Kkr intends to buy the entire Tim group, including the Sparkle network and cable backbones, Noovle’s cloud and edge computing solutions, the virtual operator Noverca, Olivetti’s big data solutions, cybersecurity security system and the TimVision streaming platform. Thus, Pansa’s hearing is inevitably linked to Giorgetti’s, who will be able to explain the government’s intentions to exercise (or not) the Golden power over Sparkle and the other strategic assets. Last week the minister, responding to the question time in the House, had preached caution:
Today the Commander General of the Finance Police, General Giuseppe Zafarana , was also audited by Copasir . Two hours to trace a picture of the activities of the Corps, explained Urso in the note; examine “the forms of collaboration in the international context; the oversight carried out in the public spending sector, also with reference to the NRP funds that will be used for the implementation of the Next Generation Eu program; the challenges posed by globalization and technological evolution; the role of cryptocurrencies in international money laundering; the new forms of crime in the cyber system; the Golden power mechanism and the supervision carried out by the Corps in this area; the hypothesis that the instituted European Anti-Money Laundering Authority is based in Italy “.
Finally, two opinions were approved. One, rapporteur Senator Claudio Fazzone , and an accounting regulation scheme of the National Cybersecurity Agency which, after those already approved on organization and personnel, “thus allows the full implementation of the Agency, an important element for the cyber resilience of the country, Urso took over.

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