Last autumn arrived and it has already stayed with us forever (knock on wood). Knitted fabric has become the protagonist of all garments and even black dresses have been transformed with its irruption in the world of fashion. Nothing can make us happier than that because, regardless of whether we are looking for a dress that makes us the ultimate great guy, what we really need is a knitted dress that is comfortable and warm .
Said and done, after lowering its most viral pink plaid coat, now Stradivarius is going and launching a knitted dress in four colors for only 20 euros . As you can imagine, the Stradivarius dress has become the best seller right now and it is clear why.
In addition to presenting itself as a super comfortable garment (blessed comfy fashion and its knitted fabric), the 20’s Stradivarius dress is a super trendy garment. Despite the fact that the silhouettes are becoming looser, this type of knitted dress is somewhat tighter and, in the case of Stradivarius, the sophisticated touch is provided by the opening on one of the sides of the skirt and the neck. perkins (the one that our beloved Jennifer Aniston in Friends made super fashionable).
Available in four colors (green, black, stone and grey), the Stradivarius dress, in addition to being very cheap (20 euros), seems perfect to combine it in infinite ways. With sneakers and an oversize coat, with military boots and an aviator jacketor with high boots and a checked blazer… The possibilities of combining the Stradivarius knit dress are so many that we won’t be the ones to put limits on your imagination. For only 20 euros, this Stradivarius knit dress is already one of the best sellers of the fall from the Inditex brand.
In short, the versatility of the design, the possibility of having it in four colours, the comfort of the knit and that it is super trendy, make the 20 euro Stradivarius dress one of the best sellers .

This is the Stradivarius knit dress for 20 euros

. It is a midi design, available in four colors , with an opening on one of the sides andIt has a perkins neck , one of the most flattering (tell Jennifer Aniston). Available in black, stone, green and gray, we still don’t know which one we’re going to stay with.
Available from size XS to XL, the knitted dress in four colors by Stradivarius is priced at 19.99 euros.

The Stradivarius knit dress in green

The Stradivarius knit dress in black

The Stradivarius knit dress in gray

The Stradivarius knit dress in stone

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