New technologies and up-to-date trends come from the latest edition of Eurocucina, interesting solutions that rethink, in a flexible way, the most loved and lived-in environment of the house
The kitchen is today more than ever a practical and creative space, a flexible place to live at 360 °. A dynamic environment that, beyond its size, must open up to more things, many undoubtedly linked to food and banquets, but not only. This unprecedented and contemporary approach leads more and more towards the design of “open” kitchens, free from physical and functional boundaries, characterized by the contamination between environments and actions, but above all absolutely fluid in the composition. Between dimensions, materials and compact combinations, here are the most interesting themes captured during Eurocucina in 5 points.1.Open space mon amour
In contemporary designs, the living area and the actual kitchen space are increasingly conceived as a single and interconnected system. The living area, with an adjoining kitchen (or vice versa) is a constant in recent years and probably one of the issues on which companies have focused more in recent productions. A trend that has led to think of practical, versatile and camouflaged furnishings that can easily coexist with each other, solutions with very different dimensions designed for every type of taste and space. 2.The time for a compact kitchen
Perfect for houses with increasingly smaller dimensions, compact kitchen solutions are the big news of 2018. Smart, convertible and retractable are combinations, often studied to the centimeter that, in a small space, contain everything you need: appliances, washing area and cooking, storage compartments. Real jewels of design and technology that wink at the design of boats and draw heavily from Japan, a nation where spaces are more than ever mini and truly XXS. 3. “indispensable” wood
Never gone out of fashion, but more than ever back in vogue this year, wood, as a finish or as a component to create furniture, is the basis of many kitchen environments. Very light and light or material and important, it covers and contaminates all styles, giving quality, great atmosphere and tradition (an intrinsic characteristic of the material). Often combined with metal or marble, we have found it in all the collections because it is timeless and ideal for giving contemporary solutions with a high level of quality and elegance. 4.Industrial style to customize
Freed from color, during this edition of Eurocucina very little was seen among the stands, the mix & match of traditional finishes, especially steel, metal (treated, chromed and oxidized) and wood, dominated. Components that, combined or not, have more than ever reconfirmed the passion for industrial style, even in this room of the house. Much loved and highly sought after, less cold than in the past and enriched with small decorative elements, such as ceramic, we find it in the kitchen more harmonious and colorful than in the past, open to new contaminations and the basis of interesting stylistic “recipes” that well combine past and future. . 5. The password is organization
Drawers with a thousand compartments ready to accommodate all kinds of utensils, but also columns and wardrobes that are the envy of bedrooms, in the kitchen functionality goes hand in hand with organization. Ideal for making the most of space, both in height and in width, the new container elements are equipped with shelves, baskets, drawers and shelves for storing objects and food, they can hide ultra-performing appliances but, above all, they are an excellent trick to give quality and stylistic continuity to environments. Indispensable in open space kitchens, they are also essential in mini environments, not only to keep everything tidy and accessible, but also to free the worktops that never seem to be enough in the kitchen.
5 key ingredients to think about or rethink your kitchen. An important space in the house, to be lived in freedom and harmony, where functionality should never be lacking and where you should always bring your own style. Claudia Schiera

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