Category: Kitchen Kitchen, what are the elements to choose with greater care
From a purely feminine place, where housewives took care of preparing meals, to a meeting point for all members of the family and beyond, over time the kitchen has taken on a not indifferent centrality inside the houses. Thinking of the importance of food and conviviality for Italians, it is not surprising. […] Recognizing quality cuisine, here’s how you have to do it
A quality kitchen is very important in a self-respecting home, where the place where the food is prepared must be comfortable, professional, resistant and maybe even aesthetically beautiful. Today it is not difficult to find the perfect kitchen for your needs, thanks to the presence of many brands that deal with […] The best luxury appliances
The choice of appliances has become increasingly central in renovation and furnishing projects because it is of components that can greatly affect the functionality and comfort of living spaces Making spaces tailored to people means creating comfortable and intelligent environments, capable of adapting to the needs and requirements of […]What cannot be missing in a professional domestic kitchen
For those who love having friends for dinner, cooking rich lunches and “pampering” the family and guests, a professional kitchen is a must. It serves to feel like a chef, but within the walls of your own home. But what are the characteristics of a professional domestic kitchen
What are the tools and appliances that you really don’t […] How to choose the right worktop for the kitchen
One of the greatest advantages offered by modular kitchens is the possibility of building each corner not only according to one’s own aesthetic taste, but also fitting it perfectly into the available spaces and satisfying one’s needs. However, it can be considered that a modular kitchen is a personalized tool that meets the needs of those who […] Buy the kitchen while saving: here are some suggestions
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the whole house and in its purchase one must try to be far-sighted, choose a model that can be functional, enjoyable over time and have adequate dimensions. However, another requirement is necessary: ​​the right budget. The kitchen budget is a requirement to be respected for […] How to design a modern kitchen
Modern kitchens evoke clean lines and simple designs, which focus on the correct use of open space to create a highly functional environment. If you are interested in transforming your current kitchen into a modern space or just want to modernize its design, here are some useful tips. Modernity and technology: an inseparable combination Regardless of trends […] How to furnish your kitchen thanks to a corner composition with bench, chairs and table
One of the major problems of contemporary construction and therefore also of furniture is that spaces are increasingly reduced and for this reason the need to make the most of them is growing more and more. But fortunately, today it is possible to make aesthetic appearance and functionality coincide thanks to various solutions, available for all rooms in the home. In […] The best 10 kitchen brands in Europe (ranking)
Europe is famous for the production of high quality kitchens with an innovative design. The continent is home to a multitude of countries with a thousand-year culinary history, the experience in the kitchen has been and will be a fundamental part of the home. Italy, France, Germany and the Nordic countries are among the leading producers […] What are concealed kitchens
In recent years, fashions in terms of furniture are changing more and more. One of the latest trends in kitchen furniture seems to be the concealed kitchens. The concealed kitchen is a solution conceived above all for those people who, in their homes, have a problem of managing space, but not only: which one [… ]

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