• Minimalism and functionality
    • Everything on sight in the name of order (super organized doors)
    • Cement, wood, marble and metal mon amour
    • All-round lightness

The kitchen is one of the most experienced and important environments in the house. Choosing and equipping it at best may however not be a very simple thing to do, considering the many elements that come into play, the different things to evaluate, but also the fact that this is a space closely linked to technology and therefore always rapidly evolving. Whether you choose to focus on an open solution on the living room (as often happens) or to focus on a model to be inserted in a separate ad hoc environment, there are four “trendy” elements to look at for this 2020. And let’s not talk about it. (only) of taste and style, but some features to keep in mind useful for creating a space that is modern, practical but, above all, functional. This latter element is truly essential when we talk about how to furnish the kitchen.Minimalism and functionality
Having gone a little beyond the solutions of kitchens with lots of furniture and furnishing accessories, the newest models focus on slim combinations, balanced in size and well composed. These are essential kitchens in which, if space permits, the central element becomes the island or peninsula, the contemporary center of gravity of the space and the heart of the preparations.
Leaving behind the era of the excess of things, objects and decorations and abandoning a bit the too full and rich styles such as urban, industrial, country and shabby, the 2020 kitchen focuses on keywords like: practicality and minimalism. Pure and “rigorous” shapes thus furnish an increasingly functional, but also extremely convivial space where to prepare, receive and, why not, organize real family show cooking just like the great chefs.Everything on sight in the name of order (super organized doors)
Drawers equipped with well-organized tool compartments, but also exposed shelves and wardrobes with backlit doors enriched with shelves, among the furniture novelties of this year related to the kitchen there is certainly a great attention to the management of internal spaces and therefore for storage units. Conceived as real “canine closets” for pots, provisions and food, they are ultra practical elements, with simple and rigorous lines, studied to the centimeter and in which nothing, inside, is left to chance. Designed and studied to meet the various dimensional needs (there are both for the XS kitchens and for the larger solutions), these furnishings put the perennial disorder typical of this room of the house at the door in favor of a more efficient organization of floors and ‘Cement, wood, marble and metal mon amour
These are the most loved and popular materials of the moment, traditional, but made extremely contemporary in the processes and combinations: concrete, wood, marble and metal – the latter also and above all proposed in the copper and golden – conquer the scene giving life to extremely glamorous combinations in which style and functionality meet perfectly. Differently combined and combined to respond to the various stylistic proposals, they dress islands, tops, tops and doors and are proposed with minimum thicknesses (we are talking above all about stones, wood and concrete) so as not to weigh down the whole, but on the contrary give meaning. of solid lightness. All-round lightness
Compact kitchens and essential lines, often raised from the ground and sometimes left free at the top, therefore not accompanied by wall units, characterized, in the newest models, a new trend that is becoming increasingly popular: transparency . From wardrobes, to furniture of various kinds, passing through the technological cellars and in the most innovative cases to the refrigerators with open doors that tell everything they (neatly) contain, the solutions for the kitchen live a contemporary, and truly unprecedented for this. space, all-round sense of lightness.
Interesting features that go a little beyond the concept of actual style, but which well illustrate the focuses on which the 2020 kitchen models focus. 4 “new” elements to describe a new kitchen space in great evolution, essential and convivial, in whose furniture solutions with an attractive design, made with high quality materials, coexist with a rediscovered sense of lightness and with a new sober aesthetic made of practicality and functionality.
Claudia Schiera

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