The coverings in the kitchen have a double function, practical and aesthetic: they protect the wall and harmoniously complete the furniture. Tiles, mosaics, porcelain stoneware or wood panels are almost magical objects that give a touch of personalized style to the most intimate environment of the house. In the kitchen, creativity is let loose to prepare delicious dishes. At the same time, the moments of preparing food can also be hours of socializing. Between a pot on the stove, a mixture in the tureen, and a sautéed pan, we chat and keep company.
So, in the article we tell which are the most beautiful and functional coatings in the kitchen. All types of coatings suitable for the kitchen: from mosaic to wood
There is really something for everyone’s tastes and covers suitable for the kitchen. There are perfect solutions for those who love minimal atmospheres and for fans of modern lines. For example, mosaic kitchen coverings offer a wide range of choices , available in many different colors, textures and shapes. For lovers of rustic suggestions, the object of desire par excellence are kitchen wall coverings in wood or wood-effect porcelain stoneware. The classic tiles represent a passepartout of taste, which can be declined in the most sober or most original ways. The tiles: ceramic in all patterns
The first thought that inhabits our mind when we talk about kitchen coverings has the shape and texture of the tiles. In fact, they are the most classic choice , which guarantees functionality and pleasantness of the whole. The ceramic tiles are easy to clean. They are not afraid of the onslaught of greasy splashes and “dirty” food and drink. In addition, they are available in almost infinite colors and patterns. In short, the first object to consider when choosing the coverings of the room where the dishes are prepared are the tiles. However, if a monochromatic or checkerboard surface of tiles is not enough to satisfy aspirations, the innovations in design and technology offer daring such as mosaics, wood, stoneware and resin.Under the stove, above the hood: watch out for combinations
In the kitchen we ask ourselves which wine to taste with the delicacy we are preparing. But when we furnish an apartment, or a house, we deal with the need to match the kitchen wall coverings . The tiles, mosaics or panels that protect and beautify the walls must visually agree with the floor and with the style and colors of the furniture. How to do
it The different shades of wood, for example, are in harmony with light colors. A classic that never walks on the avenue of the sunset and juxtaposes and balances black and white. Brightly colored wall coverings add a magical touch to an environment of neutral furniture and flooring.Kitchen mosaic coverings: walls are almost art
Mosaic kitchen coverings allow you to treat yourself to interesting optical solutions that give personality and atmosphere to the environment. The small characteristic tiles of the mosaic coverings create particular visual effects even if they are all chosen in the same color. For those who want to dare, this type of coating gives the possibility of obtaining shades that capture the attention, or you can create real designs. Of course, the most daring solutions must be balanced by neutral tones of the furniture and the floor. For example, tiny bright colored tiles with iridescent hues stand out deliciously when combined with the black and white style, a totally contemporary black and white.Wood kitchen wall cladding: warmth and tradition
Who has not admired and appreciated at least once in their life those warm environments that smell of hospitality where the predominant material is wood
A beneficial and wonderful presence that tells of nature and gives us a little ‘of its harmony. If the love for such atmospheres flames, the ideal is to choose a wooden kitchen wall cladding . It is necessary to choose an essence suitable for humid environments and have it treated with special paints that make it resistant and waterproof. The choice of wooden panels covering the kitchen walls gives shape to a rustic or elegant style, but always warm and welcoming.Wood-effect porcelain stoneware: tone-on-tone with parquet
When furnishing a kitchen, it is important to establish and respect the available budget . To contain expenses, without sacrificing the elegance and warmth of wood, it is a good idea to consider porcelain stoneware . In fact, it is a material that faithfully reproduces the look of wood, with its soothing and subtle shades. If the floor is in laminated parquet, treated to resist humidity, the thousand possibilities of tone-on-tone chromatic games between the different shades of wood open up. Cladding for masonry kitchens: the atmosphere of the past
Cladding for masonry kitchensthey must reflect the flavor of a country farmhouse of the past. The glance launches the imagination in the scents of the ragu prepared by the grandmother, waiting for a cake that will soon be out of the oven. Thus the wall protection tiles are preferably simple, neutral in color and square in shape. To give the whole a rustic aspect, which cannot be more rustic, another perfect choice is represented by exposed bricks, reddish, robust, rough to the touch and to the eye. If you want to reinterpret a furniture that evokes tradition in a modern way, resin wall tiles for masonry kitchens are ideal . Modern kitchen coverings: sobriety and elegance
An economical and quick solution to make formodern kitchen finishes and paint. Attention, not just any paint. To cover kitchen walls in a functional and pleasant way, you need to choose waterproof paints . These are dyes that do not deteriorate in contact with water and are easily washable, if targeted by splashes of grease and food of various kinds. To give the whole kitchen a modern style, the visual play of the hexagonal tiles gives both elegance and a carefree touch. Modern effect, resin effect
Modern and beautiful kitchen coatings can be made with resin, an innovative material that allows to obtain the most disparate chromatic effects. From the perfectly homogeneous solid color to the nuances, to the iridescent and mottled shades with luminous dots, the resin is suitable for those with classic tastes and for those who prefer strongly personalized style incursions. Resin coatings for kitchen walls can be applied over old worn tiles, without doing demolition. Consequently, they are the right choice to give a new style to the place without huge expenses and in limited times. Other coatings in the kitchen: the particularities of the industrial style
Modern, captivating and fashionable: the industrial style is very much in demand and loved today. Even in an intimate and evocative environment of traditions such as the kitchen can inspire you to create pleasant atmospheres. The most used materials for the suggestions of the industrial style are stone and metal, together with the natural delicacy of the wood nuances. Therefore, for a journey of the imagination, you can choose tiles that look like bricks, or resin or stoneware coatings that imitate the appearance of stone or the shades of metal sheets.

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