At this point we could say (and be right) that everything you need for your looks is at Zara . From the basics for day to day to the vintage wedding dress with which summer brides will say yes, I do. And, of course, if Inditex’s flagship has a wedding dress, how can it not have the most low cost and stylish guest dress that the insiders sign for tomorrow’s wedding

Finding a guest dress at Zara every time is simpler and low cost (and without waiting for the summer sales). Her mythical limited edition fuchsia pink dress is a dream for minimalist guests , but with a very marked style. Even ifZara’s guest dress that we propose today is another roll. Kimono type, red and with an ideal flower print , Zara’s guest dress is so beautiful and stylish that the insiders have already booked it for their summer weddings. In addition, it is the most low cost (it only costs 40 euros).
Flowing and loose, Zara’s guest dress seems perfect to go very comfortable to a summer wedding (goodbye tight dresses, hello loose comfort). But not only the fluidity of Zara’s guest dress is what has made the insiders sign him for their summer weddings. Kimonos are super trendy this season and they have that special jene sais quoi that makes choosing this type of garment for an elegant context a real lesson in style . Hence, the Zara kimono dress is a fantasy for summer wedding guests.
With a midi length (of course), Zara’s guest dress has a generous neckline that makes the garment super sexy, but without losing an iota of elegance. The long, flowing sleeves (which we can roll up to make them French-style) and the kimono-style cut are responsible for making the garment a style ten .
Despite being a fairly loose dress, it is very flattering thanks to the beltthat makes the garment cross and achieve that kimono effect. The dress is vaporous, yes, but the belt with a bow draws the female figure and results in one of the most comfortable and flattering guest dresses .
When combining it for a summer wedding we must take into account if it is a wedding in the morning or at night (for pity, let them be at night). If it is a morning wedding, we will combine the Zara kimono dress with sandals in golden tones . On the contrary, if it is a night wedding, we recommend going for black (which is always a success).
Be that as it may, Zara’s guest dress is so stylish, which needs little or nothing to level up the look of a summer wedding. The insiders know it, that’s why they haven’t let Zara’s kimono dress escape . Neither do we.

This is Zara’s guest dress for a tomorrow’s wedding

For a tomorrow’s wedding, for a baptism or to mark the summer lookazo. This is the kimono-type dress from Zara with which the summer guests are going to be all the rage .

Available from size XS to L , Zara’s kimono-style guest dress is priced at 39.95 euros.

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