The war in Ukraine, invaded by Russian troops, continues unabated, while from Kiev comes a new appeal to the West: “It is impossible to save Mariupol without other tanks and planes, Russian missiles do not come down with rifles and machine guns”, says President Volodymyr Zelensky in a new video. And controversially he wonders if Moscow with intimidation is not leading the Euro-Atlantic community. In the past 24 hours, Ukrainians have successfully repelled Russian raids in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and in the same period, Kiev soldiers have destroyed eight Russian tanks, 11 armored vehicles and other military vehicles, and a mortar; while according to the Ukrainian Air Force an airplane, 12 unmanned aircraft and two cruise missiles were shot down. In the southern city of Kherson, moreover, reports the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense quoted by the BBC, another Russian general was killed. According to a Western source, he was the seventh general of the Russian army killed in Ukraine.
From the East comes the complaint from the Interior Ministry of Kiev that the Russians have used cluster bombs in a residential area in the Donetsk region: “The enemy fired from multiple Tornado-C rocket launchers in the residential sector of Krasnohorivka, ammunition fell on the streets of the private sector “. The one to the east is a particularly hot front, because Moscow’s forces are trying to encircle the Ukrainian ones in front of the breakaway regions, explains the British Ministry of Defense in its daily intelligence report: the Russians advance from Kharkiv to the north and Mariupol to the south, while the northern battlefield remains largely static, with local Ukrainian counterattacks hampering Russian attempts to reorganize.
Meanwhile, on the political front, a new white-hot clash is taking place between Moscow and Washington after the vitriolic words of American President Joe Biden pronounced yesterday in Warsaw. On a visit to the American military, the commander in chief defines Russian President Vladimir Putin a “tyrant” who “cannot remain in power”, after a short while before, meeting Ukrainian refugees, he defined him as “a butcher”, attracting anger of Moscow. “We have to tell this tyrant his days are numbered,” Biden says. The Russians reply immediately, according to which it is not up to the US to decide who governs on the banks of the Moskva River. The clarifications of the White House are valid, according to which Biden – who in his speech also quotes the famous ‘Do not be afraid’ of Pope Wojtyla – did not speak of regime change in Russia. However, the message seems to want to seize the opportunity for the US to throw fuel on alleged internal anti-Putin fronds. But according to Moscow, the insults to the tsar reduce the space for negotiations.
And while Biden is in Poland, the Russians hit Lviv, the city in western Ukraine just 70 km from the Polish border, with a series of raids. And a message of greetings from Moscow to the American president on the day of his visit to Warsaw, comments Mayor Andriy Sadovy: “I think the world must understand that the threat is very very serious”, he adds. A threat that continues to cause deaths and injuries, spares the youngest: 139 Ukrainian children have been killed since the invasion, according to information from the Attorney General’s office. More than 200 injured.
Meanwhile, the international atomic energy agency Aiea expresses concern for the workers of the Chernobyl plant, after the Russians – who hit the nuclear research center in Kharkiv again – yesterday took the nearby town of Slavutych, where many the employees of the plant live. The fear relates in particular to the fact that workers will be able to disconnect, respect shifts and go home to rest. At the moment it is known that the last rotation dates back to 20-21 March. The municipal administration is trying to organize a ‘green corridor’ to get women and children out of the city.

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