Sometimes we believe that our pets are the same as us: “we can give them the same food, the same medicines and they even have the same temperature as us, etc”, but the truth is that we must know what is good and bad for them.
For example, in the case of dogs, there are foods that can seriously harm their health. We explain it to you in this article about “what foods your dog should not eat”. We also think that if we measure the temperature of our furry and it reads “38ºC” it has a fever. This is not true since the body temperature of dogs is much higher than that of humans, so sometimes it is difficult to know if they have a fever or not.

Keys to know if your dog has a fever:

His body temperature exceeds 39.5ºC.: The normal temperature of dogs is around 38 degrees (even that of puppies is even higher), so if we measure the temperature and it exceeds 39.5ºC, it is an indication of fever. How do we measure the temperature For this , a fast-reading thermometer or a thermometer that can be inserted rectally is necessary.The second is more precise. If you have one at home, you can put some “transparent film” paper and Vaseline on it to insert it very carefully. It is important that the dog is still and calm so that it does not hurt itself and the temperature is 100% reliable.
Your nose is dry and hot : The noseIt is a good indication to know what happens to our dog. For example, if you ever just have a very dry nose, you are probably a little dehydrated and need to drink water. If the dry nose is joined by the fact that it is hot, it is another symptom of fever.
Has red, watery or cloudy eyes : This symptom is a little more complicated to see , but if your dog shows these signs, it is very likely that something is wrong.
Tremors, chills, loss of appetite or vomiting are the most common signs that dogs have when they have a fever. If something like this ever happens to your pet, it is best to go to the vetso you can analyze it properly. It could be the case that the dog has other symptoms and we are not able to observe it because we do not have the appropriate knowledge.

Causes of fever in dogs

It is usually related to infections caused by viruses or bacteria.It is likely that when you go to the vet one of the prescriptions that he prescribes is Paracetamol, which can be used for dogs, but NEVER decide to self-medicate your pet because the consequences could be fatal.
You should also let him rest , do not force him to go outside a lot as he will need rest. The diet on this occasion is important for you to recover, and it must be rich in calories. If he has lost his appetite and does not want to eat solid food, you should try to at least drink as much liquid as possible (a chicken and vegetable broth will comfort him).
If the dog also suffers from tremors, we can cover it with a light blanket to improve its thermal sensation. A good option to lower the fever is to pass a damp cloth with warm water over your belly. Surely with these tricks, you will help your dog to lower his fever.

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