It is estimated that more than 40% of people sleep poorly, which causes problems such as anxiety. Light dinners, a routine that respects the schedules at bedtime and a temperature around 18º, facilitate rest. Also, choosing the right mattress is essential.

Dr. Scott Bautch, an expert in chiropractic, clarifies that the mattress should not be too rigid, because it will stiffen the back by not respecting the curve of the spine and the muscles that surround it. But don’t be too soft either, or our body will sink and won’t support its own weight. The posture adopted during sleep is also key. The rejection of sleeping on your stomach is unanimous among the experts, given the risk of causing injuries and making it difficult to breathe. Eduardo Zamorano, from the Professional College of Physiotherapists, assures that the ideal position is the fetal position, on one side and with the legs bent. The bonus? Place a pillow between your knees to relieve pressure on your hips and back.

State-of-the-art foams, springs wrapped in covers that no longer make noise or come into contact with the body… Technical evolution has led to progress in mattress manufacturing. The latex ones , made with elastic rubber threads, adapt to the body’s temperature. And viscoelastics are the heirs of NASA research to find a material that would withstand the pressure of the astronauts’ bodies during takeoffs and landings.

Choosing a good mattress is essential to guarantee sleep, but also having the right bed base. Articulated models are increasingly in demand, as they allow you to adopt the most comfortable posture at all times. Write down these tips before choosing yours.

What you should take into account when choosing your mattress

  • Latex and memory foam mattresses are the best options for adjustable beds. They are very flexible materials that adapt perfectly to the movement of the bed base and return to their natural state very easily.
  • The cover protects the mattress from stains and moisture. Ideally, it should be breathable, especially for latex mattresses, and removable. There are quilted fabrics, which add comfort, and with anti-mite treatments.
  • Bed bases with wooden slats offer great firmness, as well as an ergonomic and perfect fit to the spine, regardless of height, weight and sleeping position.
  • Aesthetic issue. The articulated bed base can go on four legs, embedded in a folding bed or in a visible or upholstered wooden structure. Choose the option that best goes with the decoration of your bedroom.

Mattresses are the essential base to enjoy a restful sleep. Hence the importance of investing in the material that best suits your physiological characteristics, ailments and sleeping habits. Together with it, the articulated bed bases offer numerous benefits, such as greater breathability of the mattress.

And if there are two of you in bed… This fact completely conditions an appropriate choice. If the difference in weight is not great, simply choose a mattress that combines two different firmnesses, but without more than one jump in hardness between them. When bodies are like night and day, the best option is two mattresses joined by a zipper: as they have a flap, the separation is not noticeable when they are placed on the bed base.

Are you hot or cold? Value this feature when thinking about the material of the mattress. If you are hot, do not hesitate to choose one with springs; the distance between them creates perfect natural ventilation and makes it always cool. Another option is the latex models; they allow you to rest without adding heat because the air flows inside. Are you very cold? Then think of a viscoelastic one because it will adapt to your body.

How do you sleep? Choose a firm mattress if you rest on your back (supine) or like to lie flat. But if you usually sleep on your side, better think about a more flexible one, so that the shoulders can sink slightly. Don’t you stop moving? A fairly firm mattress will prevent you from sinking or having a hard time turning over.

The mattress must be 20 cm longer than the height of the person who will sleep on it. The width is estimated at 90 cm for a single model and 150 cm for couples.

Removable mattresses are complicated to handle when washing. The best thing is that they have a fixed cover and add a protector that is easy to put on and take off. Look for it in fabrics that regulate temperature at night. 

Articulated with motor. With three, four or five planes. Based on this, they are recommended for people with circulation problems, joint problems or reduced cervical and neck mobility. The five adjust the position of this, in addition to raising the trunk and legs.

And also with massage! They are models that articulate, vibrate and massage in three different areas and with different intensity. This they induce a more complete rest.

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