In summer there is only one rule: light face base . Especially this year, we still find ourselves wearing the protective mask on various occasions. The sun, the heat and the sweat do not go along well with heavy and hyper-covering foundations, because they tend to melt and make you sweat even more. Result
A marked face base, which can be seen, which separates, highlights pores and imperfections, the first ones from which the products tend to remove.
A good skincare , therefore, allows you to reduce the use of foundation , but there are some on the market that are really light and versatile, with buildable coverage, waterproof and that blend with the complexion. Andhair also needs lightness and nutrition, stressed by the sun, heat, sand, salt and wind . To conclude with a breath of freshness, a perfume able to accompany a look , without being visible to the naked eye while remaining in presence.
Ready to discover June’s products Eterea Cosmetics Prodigious Helix Eyes & Lips Serum for a hydrated eye contour and defined lips
I had never used a lip contour, thinking that they were products intended only after a certain age, not necessary at the threshold of thirty years . I purchased Prodigious Helix Eyes & Lips Serum by Eterea Cosmesi under the advice of a friend, to use it as an eye contour, because it is light but moisturizing , therefore perfect in summer, when my skin tolerates very few products. Despite the small size , it takes very little and, once applied, the eye contour is immediately relaxed and lifted , the micro wrinkles smoothed out, without weighing the area down. Using it consistently, I also noticed an improvement in the pigmentation of the eye , which is clearer.
But, above all, by applying it morning and evening to the lips , you will notice how the contour is much more defined, turgid and full., with an effect similar to plumping glosses, which however does not wear off with the passing of the hours but remains so. Of course, you will not have a canotto effect lips, but the redefined contours are visible even to the naked eye and I understand that from now on the lip serum will be a must that I will never do without! Contains microfiltered snail slime , a godsend to stimulate tissue regeneration , combat wrinkles and smooth out the features, thanks also to a mix of peptides , vitamin E and Coenzina Q10 , a cocktail of effective active ingredients to prevent and counteract signs weather.
Source: Eterea CosmeticsSkin First Purifying Face Cream, light but effective for combination, oily, impure skin or for the summer period
As I said, my skin cannot stand any product in the summer, it shines, becomes greasy, greases and “rejects” every product. On the web I heard about the Skin First brand , formulated by Dr. Maria Pia Priore and I decided to try the Purifying Cream , because it was described as light, perfect for impure, acneic, combination and oily skin , but at the same time moisturizing. And considering that it is always ‘out of stock’, I realized that it was a much loved product… I can only follow this standing ovation! It absorbs quicklybut it does not leave the feeling of having applied nothing, as often happens with purifying products or for oily skin. The skin remains soft and hydrated , compact and after constant use I noticed a reduction of imperfections, pores and a more uniform and smooth texture . I apply it in the morning after cleansing and serum and it is also perfect as a make-up base , not marking the driest areas but rather, helping me to keep the T-Zone opaque . Passed with flying colors!
Source: Skin First Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation, the light, natural, invisible and waterproof foundation, perfect for withstanding the summer heat
The so-called Face & Body foundations are by far my favorite foundations on photo shoots, but also for brides. They make it possible to obtain a light, luminous, uniform but not heavy base that can be layered where it is needed. I tried the Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation thanks to a discount and, despite having taken a shade a little too light now that the first rays of sunlight are also visible on my skin, although still extremely white, I tested it and I fell in love with it. The texture is liquid, thin and light , the effect with a single pass is that of uniform skin but the foundation is not visible , it is invisible. This becauseand based on water and pigments and once the water has evaporated, the latter remain clinging to the skin, without creating any thickness. It resists heat and sweat very well , because it is waterproof and also the mask test is passed with excellent marks. The coverage is not very high, but it can be stratified where necessary, or proceed directly with a concealer in the areas concerned.
Source: Dior Backstage Mermaid & Me Coconut Bay Hair Oil, the moisturizing but light hair oil, also perfect for oily and fine
hair Having a lot of wavy, dyed, frizzy and dry hair, oils are among my favorite products to apply pre-drying but also on dry hairin the next days. I find they are versatile, make hair shiny and nourish it deeply. The only problem is that putting too much on your hair risks looking greasy, especially if you don’t have very porous or dry hair.
Therefore, those with fine or greasier hair tend not to use them, but perhaps still find themselves with worn and dry ends , especially at this time of year. The Coconut Bay Hair Oil by Mermaid & Me pleasantly surprised me, because it is an oil-non-oil , it almost looks like a sort of serum / water, because it is very light and absorbs easily and to the touch it is dry, leaving no residue. When I apply it, in fact, I immediately notice that the classic greasy patina does not remain on the hands, this means that it is a very light oil , also suitable for those with fine or oily hair , because it does not weigh them down.
Source: Mermaid & Me Lush Cosmetics Breath of God, a sensory, particular and intense perfume, never predictable
I love perfumes, but unfortunately not many react well with my PH, especially the most commercial ones, which last very little and tend to fade very quickly . At a Lush Cosmetics event for the opening of the Perfume Library in Florence, a space only dedicated to fragrances and perfumes of the brand, I had the opportunity to try many, for every taste, occasion and above all particular and never banal mixes. Breath of God came home with me, because it is an unusual and strange perfume that obviously won me over. As soon as the spray has almost hints of tobacco , very spicy and intense but with the passing of the hours it releases powdery and clean notes in stark contrast to the strong and aggressive character of the top notes. Every time I wear it I know it will catch the attention , precisely because of its particularity and so many other Lush perfumes, who manage to dress you in an invisible but present way, without colors, textures or outfit combinations, but simply with the power of fragrances .
Source: Lush Cosmetics

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