Judge Santiago Pedraz has asked the prosecutor to report on the admission to processing of the complaint that the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT) has filed against Bozhidora Alejandra Matamoros Alexandrova, lawyer and girlfriend of rapper Pablo Hasel, for a crime of glorifying terrorism .
The complaint was filed at the end of February and has corresponded to the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Court of which Pedraz is now the owner, legal sources have informed Efe.
The AVT decided to denounce the lawyer as a result of the demonstrations she carried out due to the entry into prison of her boyfriend when the suspension of a nine-month sentence for praising terrorism was lifted, which led to a wave of protests, mainly in Catalonia , which ended in riots and clashes with the Police.
“The defendant has been making statements in various media about the actions of the state security forces and bodies whom she has not hesitated to label as torturers, describing their actions as shameful, blaming the disturbances on the actions of the police forces”, points out the AVT.
According to the complaint, which the association made known through a statement, these types of statements, and fundamentally others that he made on May 25, 2019 in talks organized by the Madrid Anti-Repression Movement, “have no place in freedom of expression, and cause enormous pain and humiliation to the victims of terrorism”.
The main object of the complaint is above all those talks on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Antirepressive Movement, in which I affirm: “In the case of Euskalherria, the companeros had to fight with the only means they had and they were left, which were the weapons. They fought with weapons for their right to self-determination.”
The association understands that the lawyer “in the framework of these talks or interventions took advantage of the occasion to clearly justify the terrorism perpetrated by the ETA organization for decades.”
“It is striking that he uses the term ‘comrades’ to refer to the members of ETA, which cannot be misunderstood as affinity or camaraderie with them,” observes the complaint.
For the AVT, it is “a clear extolling content or justification for terrorist actions to state that the only form of struggle that the organization had was carrying out violent actions as a way of achieving self-determination.”

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