An oversight in his appearance on the Ibai Llanos program on the networks discovered his romance with his partner from COPE, Helena Condis.Now Juanma Castano, in the latest installment of MasterChef Celebrity, has come up and has dropped a bombshell: ” I’m going to win MasterChef and I’m going to get married “, he confessed before the astonished gaze of the jury and his companions, after the test by teams, knowing that it went directly to the final.
Not long ago the news broke that Juanma Castano was dating Helena Condis, and not precisely because any of the protagonists of this story spoke about it. Their relationship came to light after the sports journalist accidentally showed the wallpaper of his mobile phone during a direct where she appeared and now it seems that they no longer hide. In fact, they have already made their first public appearance . It was on the red carpet of the Esquire magazine awards, where they posed together in the photocall. Castano was named ‘Man of the Year 2021’.
“What a news!” exclaimed Samantha, while the rest of the applicants, oblivious to the news of the moment, continued to play for their place in the final. Too busy to pay attention. OnlyMiki Nadal witnessed the journalist’s outburst, to whom he did not hesitate to give advice: “I’ll tell you something, Juanma. I got married, I appeared in ¬°Hello!, four pages, pa’ na'”. We don’t know if his soul mate, already a finalist like him, managed to take away his illusion, or not.

Will there be a real wedding or will everything be in an outburst Whether Juanma Castano is the next winner of MasterChef Celebrity is up in the air. But now, after his statements, viewers are also wondering if he will end up marrying Helena Condis.Their relationship seems to be going through one of its best moments. They have already confirmed it and it seems that the courtship is serious, but before going down the aisle they still have to take a very important step: introduce their new girlfriend to her parents. And it is that Condis still does not know his in-laws (at least, when the program was recorded, which was months ago). This was confirmed by Tere, Juanma Castano’s mother, when she visited MasterChef to help her son during a cook. I don’t raise his son’s spirits, but I end up revealing one of the announcer’s secrets: that he is too reserved with his romantic relationships.

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