It is true that what is happening to Josep Maria Mainat is enough for a novel and for a series. He wouldn’t know how to produce it because her specialty was always entertainment.
So antipathetic and toxic independentist as to trample on his image as a witty and responsible professional, Mainat is not here to produce much on the screen but since this Thursday he is quite entertaining all the media. A young wife wanting to get him out of the way (when Josep Maria himself had prophesied reaching 120 years of age with his anti-aging investments), capable of stuffing him with insulin before the security cameras.

Angela DobrowolskiHe would be studying Medicine but according to what the Mossos are investigating, he has not taken advantage of what he saw in class. The 37-year-old wife is the mother of Mainat’s two young children, but he is the eldest, the firstborn of their relationship (they never got married), with Rosa Maria Sarda, Pol, who has singled out the Spanish-German as the cause of many of the father’s problems. A father with a prognathic chin and allergic to speaking Spanish, the language of the hillbillies, who is 74 years old although he was delusional that he is forty-odd, overcoming serious stomach cancer, and who raises two youngsters as if he were a yeye progress of those who bought their first albums.
The assassination attempt on Mainat is novelist, like many of the infulas that these artists from Canet had, provocateurs of their time who now seem to us like three pipiolos of satirical humor and who would not pass the preliminaries of the Falla contest. La Trinca was a rather weak trio, although in Catalonia they represent better times in everything.
Of course, Mr. Josep Maria Mainat has the right to recover all his rebellious feelings from his Mediterranean childhood and feel very independent. Another matter is to show a belligerence of bad taste,with a supremacism that does not agree with a country that has given him a lot of money and a public so accommodating that he showed appreciation for some of his pathetic formats such as La parody nacional or Lluvia de estrellas y Menudas estrellas (which, by the way, presented who would now be Mainat’s nemesis, Bertin Osborne).
After the separatist tantrums, the linguistic supremacism, the business failures (in businesses such as real estate and a television production company without commissions, Reset) throughout the last decade and some lethal injections, we are left with an old man who has been left more alone. than you think and more outdated than you imagine, embalmed in hyaluronic acid. He thinks he hears glorious applause from another time.

Rosa Maria Sarda,With her personal thoughts on Catalanism, federal asymmetry and such matters, she died majestically, serenely. And respected throughout Spain.His death would make him think and a few days later his third wife and first wife in the registry, “with such a good Catalan”, as a great virtue highlighted by Albert Om in El Convidat de TV3, endorsed him with four injections of insulin to stagger anyone’s blood supply.
But we had come here to talk about money, how mountains of zeros transform resourceful people into spiteful retirees who end up dating a chapter in Colombo.
In La Trinca there were three, but the one with the beard, Miquel Angel Pascual, went home in 1992, tired of being in the office ofDon’t laugh, it’s worse.Pascual’s withdrawal was paid at 2,000 million pesetas, 12 million euros. When the other two partners of “men are hanging a cylinder, a cylinder…” they sold the production company they had set up, Gestmusic, each pocketed 45 million euros.
All this in 2007, after spending 20 years scheming in the factory non-stop. Gestmusic is the only one that has had 100 weekly hours of production between the different channels.
Martian Chronicles, one of those fundamental spaces in the history of TV in Spain, lasted for 1,277 nights on Telecinco, from 97 to 2003. His own collaborators commented that “the dumbest” charged there per night 300,000 pesetas, 1,800 euros. Calculate.
Javier Sarda, brother-in-law of Mainat, was able to take a sabbatical parenthesis in a big way, but when he returned to Telecinco it was a fiasco and the CEO of Mediaset, Paolo Vasile, had to deal with those of Gestmusic. Between this episode and the disastrous last season of OT on Telecinco, Mainat and Cruz said goodbye, with all their money, to the company they had created. At that time Mediaset had acquired the Dutch group Endemol, that of Big Brother, which was in turn the one that bought Gestmusic, keeping the founders of executive producers in 2002.
The current main director of Gestmusic, Tinet Rubira, emerged from Canetand from the breasts of Mainat. But in this case of those of the brother, Joan Ramon, who put him in charge of the cheeky Plastic, a musical space on TVE at the end of the 80s.
It was the talent of Joan Ramon Mainat who stepped on the creative and financial accelerator of Gestmusic. There is not going to be a machine like this for making money on television in Spain or a time when the caches are so high, although there are still some who coba for a table.
Gestmusic began with No passa res (TV3, 1987) and Tariro, tariro (TVE, 1988), that is, the comedy shows, guests and songs by La Trinca.
Almost all those interviewed, by the way, ended up in later spaces. Tariro, tariro was a quarry. La Trinca, after 20 years of tralari and tralaro, said goodbye in the blandSpecial New Year’s Eve of La 1 of 1989. The first scene of that program in the newborn decade of the 90s is that of the tenor Placido Domingo singing and toasting with Josep Maria transvestite as an affected lady.
Bland, tasteless, yes. That would be the best adjective of what La Trinca was.
But from that moment they would not dress up again, but rather put on their jackets and sell programs in that Persian market that was the 90s between a TVE with no bottom to get into debt, some regional ones that were swallowers and some private ones with the desire to bill but without knowing what do yet.
The following steps were rather logical for these directors: Honeymoon and Ole tu videos (both for La Forta), Don’t laugh, it’s worse, No shame (for La 1). But after the dismissal of Joan Ramon from TVE, the visionary and international character would arrive: the Moors and Christians debate, Rain of stars, Martian Chronicles, the importation of Big Brother, the great achievement of Endemol, and other realities such as El bus or El Hotel Glam, with which Aznar, converted without anyone asking him into a master critic, coined the term “trash TV”. And of course OT, which has given its fat recent royalties to those who deny Spain with contempt but who should have promoted three Eurovision representatives with patriotic enthusiasm. Gestmusic with the last and sad season of Operacion Triunfo billed 12 million.
The 20 years of La Trinca were just an adventure of stages and turntables for three anti-Franco kids from a town in Barcelona.
The 18 years of Mainat and Toni Cruz in the production of high-end formats and offices were a supersonic route through high offices and a plummeting since the death in 2004 of who seemed to be the soul of that Gestmusic, Joan Ramon. The Martian Chronicles came to close out of sheer disappointment.
With his comments on the networks, Josep Maria Mainat shows that he does not respect those millions of Spanish viewers who applaud,as the audience indices recounted, Gestmusic’s effort to entertain. The accumulated millions have not finished treating him well. Money and prizes are not enough when you lack affection around you.

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