Sabina, the faun who has made infidelity and lost nights one of the fine arts, is getting married . He will do it with his partner of the last 20 years, the Peruvian Jimena Coronado , who went to live on Calle Relatores in Madrid at the end of the last century, just when he published the iconic 19 days and 500 nights.
And although in his songbook there are dozens of songs against the sacred sacrament, the singer from Ubeda will go through the vicarage again after doing it with Lucia Correa in the late seventies, although he has always been in charge of emphasizing that he did it for a noble cause: get the overnight pass when I was in the military in Palma de Mallorca.
That Sabina will soon change her marital status has been revealed by Joan Manuel Serrat in an interview with the Argentine program Teleshow, in which the singer was also present, on the occasion of the third joint tour they are doing.
Sabina met Jimena Coronado in the mid-nineties, when the singer was in Lima promoting and Jimena, who was a photographer for a local magazine , went to do a report at the Sheraton hotel. At that time, Sabina shared his life with the Majorcan model Cristina Zubillaga, whom he does not hesitate to describe as the most “incendiary” love of his life, even in front of his future wife.
At the end of the session, the womanizer who was Sabina at the time asked her where to have a drink and they met at ten. At that time his future wife showed up, but they gave her ten, eleven and one until Sabina appeared and passed by. They finally sat down at the same table and started a relationship on the fly, without rings and without commitment.
They met every time the musician gave a concert in Lima until Jimena Coronado cut short: she had gotten a boyfriend . “But later I convinced her that cuckolding wasn’t so bad either,” the singer admitted to Juan Jose Millas in an interview.
Years passed and Sabina also got a girlfriend, the Argentine Paula Seminara, who abandoned the singer-songwriter when he was composing 19 days and 500 nights. So one day, a letter from Jimena Coronado was found in the mailbox , in which she told him that she had ended their relationship and left some dots.
As a gallant from before, he immediately called her to go together to Venice, but Jimena Coronado discarded this romantic destination and chose for the reunion the Plaza de Tenampa, in Mexico, where Chavelas Vargas could spend three days with her three nights partying.
Shortly after, the Peruvian moved to Madrid accompanied by her friend Lena, who would end up becoming the singer-songwriter’s secretary. And although they have no children, the fruit of this relationship is the song Rosa de Lima, one of thefew love songs with names and surnames of the singer, who usually writes to his partners when the after comes, “the solo of pajamas with mute”.
As Jimena Coronado herself has confessed, at first she was tempted to leave Madrid because of the singer’s chaotic life , until the stroke came that plunged her into depression and she began to change her life habits.
Little by little, Jimena Coronado became involved in Sabina’s concerts and took charge of the audiovisuals that are projected in her performances , in addition to always having her gargle ready to soften her hoarseness before going on stage. He even opened a cocktail bar in Madrid, Los Diablos Azules, where only music by her future husband was played and poetic evenings were organized.
Now, 20 years after taking the step of living together, they will become husband and wife, something that Sabina did not do with the mother of her daughters, Isabel Oliart . -daughter of Alberto Oliart, Minister of Industry with UCD-.
“Do you want Frai Bernabe to wife to this woman
Swift and happy, I was going to answer yes. But I couldn’t consummate the marriage. A violent coughing fit prevented me,” he sings in a cut from the album Mentiras piadosas. Surely, Jimena Coronado will have the gargles at hand again if that time comes…

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