She speaks for this newspaper when she has the family about to take her by car to her vacation destination. Jesus Calleja has two programs on Mediaset, Volando voy and Planeta Calleja, where among other characters he had Fernando Simon. He has just presented with Generali Seguros the Generali Vitality platform, a lifestyle guidance platform that financially rewards users who progress in their fitness.

–Where are you going with the family
–I just finished the last recording and we are going on vacation. I’m going to the mountain of my land, to climb.
“At the age of 17 with the military I knew I wanted to travel. I started working as a hairdresser with my parents and with what I earned I went to India and Nepal”

–After being all over the planet, he returns home…

–There is no country like Spain. There are countless sites and a variety of ecosystems that you cannot find in such a small space in any other country in the world. I have traveled all over the planet and there is nothing like it, really. I’m going to Leon, there are few provinces that are so fascinating.

–Do you still have any place in Spain to visit

–I am rediscovering Spain. There are places yet to be discovered in the Pyrenees, on the islands, Galicia.

–And you still dream of going to a specific part of the world

–The world is huge and there are still places. At Planeta Calleja we go to all the continents and we plan so that we can offer all the wonderful places that we would like to show.

–What was your first trip, that trip that changed your life to be who you are

–At 17 years old with the military I knew I wanted to travel. I started working as a hairdresser with my parents and with what I earned I went to India and Nepal. I understood that I wanted to dedicate myself to exploring the world and I would do everything possible.
–You have presented the Generali Seguros application that motivates and even pays for having good habits. It sounds logical, but it seems unusual.
-In other countries it is more common to have your private medical insurance. But nothing makes sense if you don’t take care of yourself. It is a South African patent. When they signed me up at Generali no one knew me. They are very human. I have a close relationship with them and I agree that we have to worry about taking care of ourselves. This application seems very positive to me.
“I love bread and I only give it a couple of pinches and I’m fooled, like with dessert”
–What is the approach
–We start from the fact that the age of your DNI is not the same as the age you are due to your habits of life. The program is very motivating and the sport is more effective with a well planned diet. Prizes are established with objectives and so you bite, accounts with discounts, trips. You get medals…
-And what should we do to be in shape and last with this body
–You have to prevent with a correct diet, you have to avoid being overweight. Go down in quantities. I love bread and I just give it a couple of pinches and I’m fooled, like with dessert. I eat at most three sweet desserts a week, but I force myself to leave two thirds. We are talking about a pandemic, but the main cause of death in the world now is a sedentary lifestyle and that must be combated with sport.
-How much
do you weigh
-I have 59 kilos of weight, I maintain myself and that is why I have to deceive myself with calories. And of course I spend at least an hour playing sports. You can come home tired from work, from having driven several hours. You start running and you are reset.
-When he talks about sports he refers to moderate exercise, running, walking fast…
–In Vitality they plan the exercises you have to do. They are personalized advice and guide you with the most recommended. It can be walking or also riding a bicycle, climbing stairs, running a little. You can start walking and continue running. The important thing is to move. The body is like an engine, if you don’t start it, if you don’t move it, the internal parts begin to atrophy, to deteriorate.
What parts of the body should we attend to more
–In general the muscles, the joints. You have to strengthen them. If you notice, overweight people lose muscle mass in the legs. They have skinny legs and a tremendous abdomen. One thing leads to another. If you keep getting more and more rusty, you will suffer from your hips, from osteoarthritis. With exercise, the muscles grow, your body gains tone, you take on a better appearance and mood. If you don’t do sports, all the worst comes after you.
–Have you managed to convince some of the celebrities from his trips that they had a physical state of grief
–Jorge Javier Vazquez listened to me as a result of that trip in Planeta Calleja and he has become like a beast. It is encouragement.
–How was his experience with Fernando Simon, his most commented program
I discovered a very interesting person. There we saw Fernando Simon. I never agree anything with the guests. They show themselves as they are and say what they want to comment on. I speak with my pants off and let them speak. In the case of Fernando Simon, sometimes we do not realize that we are looking for someone to blame. A person like him does not have the power to know everything and have all the solutions. In Europe we have become the least infected or later we have been at peaks of rise. You can not focus the blame on Fernando Simon.

–When they tell him that in his talks he bleaches his characters…
-I find it funny because I don’t need to give the best image of anyone. My guests come with me and show themselves. It is an opportunity, like no other, for them to reveal who they are. We don’t make headlines, as they say. In each program there are dozens of succulent phrases from each guest.

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