September is approaching and from its hand the schedules, the alarm clocks and the long hours in the office also return. Back at work , our desire is to join the routine in the simplest and least traumatic way possible. Thinking about the office look that bets on autumn trends and with which we can face that return can be a good incentive (the pants in our closet are looking forward to being brought back to life).
Knowing that the protagonists of many of these outfits will be the most fashionable jeans gives us enormous joy, especially after having found the jeans that best fit and knowing that they are the best companions of the eternal white shirts.
The day is very conditioned bythe choice of our look , that we are comfortable with it and that we feel beautiful. Who has never dreamed of arriving at work as if they were one of the girls from Sex and the City

Walking into the office on a Monday as elegant as Miranda, classic as Charlotte, sexy as Samantha or daring as Carrie, (depending on your preferred style) is the fantasy of many. But the reality is that the rush, the little time and the commitments mean that we cannot dedicate as much time as we would like to thinking about our office sets .
We have good news, arriving at the office being the most trendy does not mean spending hours in front of the mirror trying on outfits, not even having to keep up with new trends .from your favorite stores. I wish we could face the workday every day in flowing dresses and stiletto heels, but unfortunately (or luckily) we’re not Carrie Bradshaw. We prefer to return to the office betting on the best couple that the world of fashion has given: jeans and a shirt .
Sometimes, jeans and a special shirt are enough to get the great office look. If you are a lover of jeans and you are dying to return this September with a suitcase loaded with the most stylish outfits, you are in luck. We have found the perfect combination for you to return to the office this September and crown yourself as the best dressed: a shirt and your favorite jeans .

1. Blue jeans and flowers, the formula that always works

Flowers are our favorite print for this fall, (link if you want to the article on flowers) for that reason, a floral print shirt and wide jeans , also in trend, become in a most successful option to return to the office. The best
You can combine them with your favorite sneakers as Maria Garcia de Jaime does and show off your look with total comfort.

2. Ripped jeans, white shirt and crop top

The office is the best setting to bet on daring looks and try new trends . Who said that a white shirt was boring
If you are looking for how to combine your shirt in a daring way, combine it withyour favorite ripped jeans and that crop top that you have not taken off in summer . The result will surprise you, and of course, you will be the best dressed in your job.

3. Skinny jeans and shirt in acid colors

Summer is not over yet. September is presented as the ideal time to rush and wear bright and cheerful colors . This fall skinny jeans are on trend , so rescue yours from the bottom of the closet and combine them with a shirt in acid colors , with details and bright colors. If you want a look as spectacular as this one from Nina Sandbech, don’t forget to go for shoes and a bag from another color range.

4. Monochrome look with basic jeans and overshirt
The best thing about shirts is that they can serve as a top or as a coat over another garment. To give a different use to your most basic shirt , create a monochrome set of jeans and a t-shirt (for example in white tones like Gala Gonzalez does) and add your favorite shirt as an overshirt . Colorful accessories will give a fun touch to your outfit.

5. Jeans and shirts return to the 2000s

This fall is full of trends typical of the 2000s , we who already know their pros and cons will be the ones to recover the best of this time. Combine your favorite jeanswith the most two-mile shirt you find in your closet. Don’t forget the eye shadow and your favorite colored sandals.

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