Jazztel and MasMovil are two of the most important operators thanks to their fiber optic offer. Each of them has different characteristics and, for this reason, it was decided to make a comparison of both.
Broadly speaking, Jazztel opts for a configurable offer of up to 400 Mbps speed, where the consumer has the freedom to configure their contract to their liking and needs. MasMovil, on the other hand, focuses on offering simple and powerful rates, while keeping the price low.
They are very different approaches, but both work very well. In this sense, it is interesting to compare the most important aspects of their offer to see, clearly, what each one has.
There are six aspects that are going to be analyzed in each operator: the price, the mobile, the fixed telephone, the speed, the coverage and the television. Discover the differences in the Jazztel and MasMovil offers!

1. The

MasMovil price offers a rate of 54 GB with 50 Mbps fiber at a price of 39.89 euros per month . This price includes VAT and line fee.
In addition, it is cheaper during the first three months and offers the possibility of extending the rate by 8 GB at a price of 5 euros more per month. Without a doubt, it is a very good price in relation to what it offers, above all, thanks to the price reduction at the beginning of the contract. Also, it has the option of expanding the fiber up to 300 Mbps maintaining the price per month of the first three months.

Jazztel , on the other hand, has a fiber rate of 50 Mbps, together with a mobile phone with 3 GB and 250 minutes for a price of 42.95 euros per month. In this case, the line fee and VAT are also included.
Increasing to 150 Mbps costs 5 euros more and increasing to 400 Mbps is an additional 11 euros. However, it has an offer where the original price is maintained for the first six months in any of the cases.

2. The mobile

In relation to the mobile phone, MasMovil has two contract options . Both include unlimited calls to both landlines and national mobiles, while their data for browsing is different. The first option has 4 GB , while the second offers up to 8 GB .
In addition, MasMovil offers two free mobile lines of 500 Mb and 20 minutes of calls.

Jazztel , in this case, offers3 GB and 250 minutes in its most basic rate. To this you can add both gigabytes and minutes depending on the needs of the users. Increasing the rate to 7 GB, for example, will cost 5 euros more per month, while increasing it to 11 GB will cost 10 euros more.
Unlimited calls increase the price of the basic rate by 6 euros and, like MasMovil, it offers a second mobile line for free, but this time, with 1 GB and calls at 0 cents per minute.

3. The landline

As for the landline, in the case of MasMovil it focuses on offering unlimited calls to landlines and 60 free minutes on calls to mobiles.In this aspect, nothing can be added or modified.
Jazztel, on the contrary, thanks to its policy of total configuration by the consumer of its rates, allows you to choose between three options: unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles for 5 euros more, unlimited calls only to landlines for 3 euros more or calls from the fixed with a price per minute.

4. Speed

Like other large operators, MasMovil offers its consumers two speed options : on the one hand, symmetrical50 Mbps or ADSL in areas without coverage; and, on the other hand, symmetrical 300 Mbps which is the fastest option.

Jazztel , however, offers 3 speedsdifferent, both in optimal fiber and in ADSL in areas without coverage: in the first place, they have 50 symmetrical Mbps as the most basic speed option; second, they offer symmetrical 150 Mbps ; and, finally, they have the option of symmetrical 400 Mbps , being the one with the highest speed.

5. The coverage

Both MasMovil and Jazztel have the coverage of Orange, the French operator, so it cannot be compared in detail.
That if, for the contracting of an operator or another, both offer two free telephone numbers where you can get the information you need and check the coverage.

6. Television

Finally, it should be noted thatMasMovil does not offertelevision in its rate .
However, through Jazztel you can opt for the Orange TV contract where you can find series, movies and soccer for different prices per month. An ideal option, without a doubt!

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